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10 Ways to Save Water at Home

If you want to make one change to do your bit to help the environment then think about saving water. Here are ten ways to do it:

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by whatmeworry101

1. Don’t run the tap when you are cleaning your teeth – turn it off in between wetting the brush and rinsing. Do the same when shaving and the results are well worth it.
2. Have a shower instead of a bath – and if you must bath then share the water and pop the kids in after you’ve finished. And don’t run it quite so deep either!
3. Run your washing machine on an eco-friendly, short programme if it has one – and while you’re at it turn the temperature down too.
4. Get the family on board: keep notes on your kitchen worktops and bathroom cabinet doors to act as reminders and keep a check on progress.
5. Only run your dishwasher when it is totally full – this will actually use less water than washing up the same amount of dirty dishes by hand in the sink.
6. Don’t water the garden from a hose connected to your mains supply – collect rainwater and use that instead. Watering from a can rather than a hose is more efficient too.
7. Don’t flush the toilet every time unless absolutely necessary – you know what I mean!
8. If you are having a new kitchen fitted then ask the experts at about low flow taps and other water saving devices for appliances.
9. Save the cold water you run whilst waiting for the hot to run through and keep it in a jug in the fridge for drinking. You won’t have to run the tap to get properly cold water when you’re thirsty this way either.
10. Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl of water not under a running tap, it will save more than you imagine.

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