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2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To

Over the years, home decor trends have changed drastically. I distinctly remember when brightly colored walls and shag carpets were in style. The thought of either of those things in my home now make me want to vomit. There’s nothing cute about it. Do you think that’s something our kids will be saying in twenty years about subway tile and raw wooden beams? Probably, but I sure hope not. As 2018 comes to a close, there are so many things to look forward to in 2019. Home decor is one of those things. Which of these upcoming trends are you most excited for?

Multi functional Furnitures - 2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To

Multi-functional furnishings

I know about a dozen people who have decided to move their entire lives to more urban areas in the last year, and I’m sure that number will continue to increase. Because of this, furniture companies have been forced to create furniture that is not only compact, but also multi-functional. A ottoman that opens up to reveal storage space? Absolutely. Murphy beds? Sure. As well as this, we anticipate that pieces of furniture that are easily able to adapt to new rooms and styles will be increasingly popular in 2019.

Statement ceilings

Every year, we are told by Pantone the new color of the year (2019 is called Nightwatch green, the moodier sister to Hunter Green), and we’re always so excited about ways to incorporate it into our home decor. Whether you vibe with Nightwatch green or not, it’s not hard to admit that no matter the color, we’ve already seen it all as far as incorporating those colors go. With swatches of wallpaper and hundreds of different accent walls, how else can you incorporate these new trends? Enter, statement ceilings. A new trend we really hope sticks around for a long time. Whether that’s high ceilings, a light pattern painted onto your ceilings, or the addition of beams, make your ceiling say something.


One of my personal favorite trends, is people choosing to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. Choosing ethically sourced furniture instead of mass produced, as well as thrifting already loved furniture are great places to start. I’m excited to see an increase of living walls, living spaces littered with potted plants, and energy saving appliances in the next year.

Eco friendly Home - 2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To

Blush, blush, blush

In my home, blush is a neutral. A slight squeal may have left my body when I learned that blush is predicted to continue in popularity this upcoming year. It pairs with black, beige, white, and grey perfectly. It’s a calming tone without being cool. Essentially, expect to see a lot of blush next year, and expect to be happy about it.

Natural and raw materials

How many times have I mentioned raw wooden beams? They’re not the only natural material that we’ve been falling in love with lately. Natural materials provide beautiful visual texture to any room, and bring a bit of luxury to a room in a practical way. Some of my favorites are terrazzo, natural stones, and quartzite.

Simple and minimalist designs

The minimalist design trend is in full force and showing no signs of stopping, hopefully ever. A cluttered room is not a room any of us want to be in, and we are embracing simple statements instead of busy ones. Things such as simple seams, contrast piping, and flanged seams are all easy ways to make statements among your textiles and upholstered furniture pieces. Less is more, and that’s the way we like it.

Florals - 2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To


Whether it’s on a throw pillow or on wallpaper, florals are in. Double points if they contain the ever popular color blush. Not only are florals on your textiles trendy, but fresh florals could not be more welcome in your home and decor. A vase of fresh cut blooms in a room makes a big statement.

Lighter colors are favorable over dark colors

Dark greys are out this year, and we expect lots of whites and lighter neutrals to take its place! Light colors open a room and make it feel larger, as well as more welcoming. Dark colors in large amounts have overstayed their welcome.

Smart homes

More and more people are opting to have smart appliances installed in their home, and it’s honestly a no brainer. The ability to control everything in your home from your phone, or by voice command? We’re living in the future, folks. From smart AI home hubs, to smart tvs, speakers, and lights, we’re seeing a gravitation towards smart home tech.

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