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3 Tips For Plant Display At Home

Adding plants to a home can give a lovely natural feel. Hard, cold and rigid building surfaces like concrete and brick need softening, and plants serve this purpose. They can also help increase privacy. A local gardening centre may be able to give advice on suitable plants. If you are moving house, organise furniture removal before you go plant shopping.

Plant Display
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Protecting Privacy
With the majority of people living in large cities or towns, space can often come at a premium. Sometimes it can feel like we are living on top of each other. Most people are able to, and should try to maintain amicable relations with their neighbours. Everyone still needs a bit of privacy at home though. There are a few different types of potential privacy issues that can be addressed with the use of plants.

Blinds and curtains work well in blocking out lines of sight into a home. Unfortunately they also block out sunlight, so all but the most secretive residents would normally open these up during the daytime. However, poorly placed windows or glass doors allow neighbours to peer into a house. A few strategically placed shrubs can solve this problem. These can be placed along one’s boundary fence or somewhere between you and your neighbours. Spacing these at least some distance from the window or door will ensure that one can have privacy without blocking out too much sunlight.

Verandahs are another area of the home where plants can help with privacy. See through or slat style verandah barriers or railings can leave one feeling a little exposed to unwanted eyes. A few strategically placed pot plants that are sufficient in height can help one enjoy this outdoor setting in peace. Another option is vine type plants. For slat type verandah railings, vines can be attached and encouraged to grow around, and extend, effectively creating a barrier that is hard to see through. In the case of a solid verandah barrier, if a vine has trouble growing right around it, some stakes or other supporting structures can be set up just inside the verandah barrier. Water your vine, and watch your natural privacy barrier develop.

Natural Feel
Man made structures often forget to employ any of nature’s beauty. Adding more plant life to your home can help to restore this imbalance. Fresh flowers in a vase are a simple, common, yet effective solution. Hanging plants also provide a calming influence on a home. Some homes are even designed to accentuate nature’s beauty. One example is glassed off areas within a home that contain trees or other plant life.

Noise Reduction
Hedges or shrubs at the front of a garden have several benefits. Firstly, they add an attractive introduction to a residential block. Secondly, they provide privacy as spoken about earlier. They can also help shut out noise. This could be in the form of passing pedestrians or vehicles.

Plants Naturally
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Plants naturally add beauty to a home, and will always be recognised for this. They can add tranquility to a home setting. They are also a useful barrier. By placing or growing plants in strategic locations, one can help block out unwanted noise, and seriously improve on one’s privacy. If you happen to be moving interstate, and using interstate removalists, it might be worth procuring new plants at your new location.

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