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3 Ways to Make Your Patio More Eco-Friendly

Extending the living space from inside to include the outside is the best of both worlds when it comes to owning your own home. Going green presents myriad benefits and advantages for you as a homeowner as well as for the planet from reducing your carbon footprint. What is more, you can make use of reclaimed materials from sources that would otherwise abandon them to a landfill. To help you with this, here are three ways to make your patio more eco-friendly.

Patio Eco Friendly - 3 Ways to Make Your Patio More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Materials

Patio structures may include pergolas with lattice work, gazebos or tables and seating to enhance your enjoyment of the atmosphere in a beautiful back garden. Second-hand patio furnishings are one way to avoid adding to waste lands. If you are handy with woodworking skills, locating a source of reclaimed or recycled wood supplies is a twofold method of indulging your artistry while making use of existing materials. Buying used materials is much less expensive than buying new, and the character of repurposed wood is indescribably lovely.


Container gardening is another means of controlling your use of water and limiting the fertilizers that would otherwise be absorbed into the ground. This method of growing adds to the curb appeal of your gardenscape whilst providing you with a healthy source of organic vegetables, too. Using a container to capture rainfall is another way to conserve water rather than allow it to run off and away especially if your patio is not permeable.

There are other options for walkways such as pebbles or tree rounds and rubber that can be used as paving stones. Switching to artificial grass, planting deciduous trees that take the winter off yet give you plenty of summer shading and natural materials such as hemp, jute and bamboo for textiles are all additional ways to go green in the garden.

Permeable Patios

The patio is your showpiece. Its design and construction have everything to do with enjoying your outdoor space and how your property makes the best use of the watershed. If your patio is not made of permeable material that allows storm drainage to be absorbed into the ground, you may consider alternatives. You can choose to have the patio redone with a more permeable material or you may contact the services of a core drilling team. With their specialized tools, they can drill a pristine hole up to 750mm into the concrete surface to allow a means of drainage. You can even use the hole to plant an indigenous shade tree.

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