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3 Ways You Can Treat Your Yard Green

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of work, patience and in many cases, chemicals. Many homeowners, however, prefer to manage their lawns in a more natural or “green” way. There are three great ways that you can maintain a beautiful lawn while still holding to your green standards.

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1. Aeration and Overseeding. One of the best things that you can do for your lawn is to allow it to breath. Over time, and in high traffic areas, the soil beneath the lawn can become very compacted. This is not conducive to a healthy lawn or for good growth. Weeds and less desirable forms of grass find this as a bonus for growth.

In addition, severely compacted soil can lead to grass die-off, leaving your lawn with large bald spots. Aeration places small holes throughout the lawn, allowing the soil to loosen and air to get to the roots. This causes the roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Overseeding is just what it states. One you have aerated your lawn, you cover it with grass seed in an almost excessive amount. By overseeding, you choke out undesirable forms of grass and weeds and create a very healthy lawn. Overseeding should be completed in early Spring time and in the middle of Fall.

2. Limiting Watering. In the past, it was believed that you should water your lawn every day for a healthy and full lawn. After much research, it has been discovered that the optimal watering schedule should be two to three times per week as a maximum. Watering should be limited to about one inch of water, and should be done either early in the morning or after four o’clock in the evening when the heat of the day is cooling. Overwatering can lead to shallow roots and root rot.

3. Native Trees and Plants. One way to encourage good growth and limit water consumption is to plant native trees and plants. Using plants that are acclimated to your soil and weather patterns will encourage good growth. This will save you money and effort with your landscaping. In addition, by keeping your plants native to your area, you do not contaminate the flora in your area by introducing alien species that could lead to overgrowth or poisoning of other plants. Working with a local nursery or landscaping company will help you select native plants and shrubbery for your home.

Of course, you can enhance these tips by using natural forms of pest control and fertilizer on your lawns. You may also find that switching to solar powered landscape lighting will decrease your energy consumption and add to your green lifestyle.

Having a beautiful lawn and landscaping for your home does not require the use of artificial items and harsh chemicals. It just takes a little innovation and research into how a lawn can be managed without these items.

While writer Melanie Fleury does not have a green thumb, she is very lucky to have a husband who knows his landscaping. The lawn service at can help those who are not as fortunate by aerating and overseeding your lawn for you.

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