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4 Benefits of Concrete Pools

If you’re in the market for a pool, you likely realize by now that you have a few options, including fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. Without question the most popular pool style in Perth is concrete. But why? What makes concrete pools so desirable and popular? Studies show that concrete pools offer the largest number of benefits, and are the most versatile of all pool styles. No matter what you’re looking for in design, layout, or budget, concrete can adapt to your needs. Here are 4 specific benefits to choosing your concrete pools Perth homes will love.


  1. Wallet friendly. There’s no denying that a pool is an investment. However, concrete pools are among the most economical choices. In fact, it actually offers the widest range of options, so that if you want to spend more on your pool, you can.
  2. Easy on the eye. Concrete is mighty versatile when it comes to appearance. It can be colored, patterned, stained, textured, or imprinted to capture any look you desire. If you’re looking for a traditional pool look – no problem! If you’re hoping to capture something more exotic or tropical, that’s not an issue either.
  3. Environmentally friendly. Concrete is an extremely eco-friendly material. Concrete can be made locally, thus reducing transportation costs and fuel consumption. This local slant also helps to stimulate the economy around you. Concrete is made up of one of the most abundant minerals on the planet – limestone. Its other ingredients can be made from the waste byproducts of places such as power plants, steel mills and manufacturing facilities. Concrete is also extremely durable, meaning you’ll likely not have to replace or repair it for many years.
  4. Easy maintenance. Pool maintenance is key toward preserving the integrity of your investment. Concrete pools, however, are pretty easy to maintain. No matter what type of pool you get, you’ll need to keep it clean. Concrete pools make the job easier and less time consuming.

You have many options when it comes to your pools in Perth, but if you’re like most homeowners out there, you’ll eventually discover that concrete pools make the most sense. They’re easy on the wallet, environment and maintenance, and will last you for many years to come. Once you discover the benefits of concrete pools, visit Tropical Pools to see what they have to offer your home. View their online store by going to

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