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4 Fun Ways to Teach Your Children About Recycling

It’s important to teach children to take care of the world around them. Not only will teaching children about recycling help them to grow to be responsible citizens, but it will also help make the world a better place for them. Use these fun ways to get your children interested in recycling and watch them take pride in their new knowledge and responsibility.

Teach Your Children About Recycling - 4 Fun Ways to Teach Your Children About Recycling

Re-purpose an Item

Children often want to throw an item away as soon as it doesn’t fit or is broken. Help your child keep unwanted items out of the landfill by re-purposing the item. For example, an old shirt could be used as a painting smock, water bottles could be filled part way with sand and used for a game of bowling or old boxes could be cut and used as sturdy book covers. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden will give your children a useful skill that will help beautify your yard and will help your family to be self-reliant. No matter how small of a space you may have, plan a garden with your kids. Planter boxes could be placed outside of windows, pots can be used on a balcony or the garden can be planted directly into the soil in your own yard. Do some research about what plants grow best in your area and allow your children to choose which they would like to plant. Use green bins and fill them with vegetable scraps and clean eggshells to make homemade compost that will nourish your garden and keep excess food out of the landfill.

Go on a Field Trip

Call a local recycling plant and ask if your children can come on a tour. The staff at the plant can help explain to your child what items can and cannot be recycled and what happens to recycled items. Your children may be more excited to begin recycling when they realize the process that occurs after they put their glass or plastic into green bins.

Pick up Litter at a Local Park or Community Center

Help your children serve their community by cleaning it up. Choose an area close to your home such as a local park or community center. Give your children sturdy gloves and bags and encourage them to pick it up. Encouraging your children to clean will make your neighborhood look nice, and help your child want to continue to keep it clean.

Children will enjoy taking care of the world when parents are enthusiastic and work with them. Use these ideas and some of your own to begin recycling in green bins as a family in order to make the world a better place for future generations.

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