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4 Green Tricks to Prevent Your Hair From Clogging the Shower Drain

When hair goes down the shower’s drain in your home’s bathroom, it can lead to a huge problem from a difficult clog. However, there are four easy and environmentally safe ways to remove the hair from the drains or to keep hair from entering the drains at all.

Shower - 4 Green Tricks to Prevent Your Hair From Clogging the Shower Drain

Homemade Chemical-Free Drain Cleaners

One of the best things that you can do for your home’s drains, including the one in the shower is to clean the devices routinely. Rather than using dangerous store-bought drain cleaners that contain corrosive chemicals, mix your own drain cleaner at home. You can pour a large box of baking soda into the drain before adding any type of vinegar, and this creates a bubbling reaction that loosens the hair clog. After the bubbling reaction ends, you can run water down the drain for a few minutes.

High-quality Reusable Drain Snake

While you can find cheap disposable drain snakes that can remove hair from a shower’s drain, you are creating a lot of trash. It is a better idea to buy a durable metal plumber’s snake that you can use for many years. These devices are easy to insert into a drain so that you can pull out or dislodge a thick hair clog in only a few minutes.

Calling a Plumber

Contact a plumber once a year for routine plumbing maintenance that includes inspecting, cleaning and fixing pipes or fixtures. A plumber has specialized equipment to remove a buildup of hair from the drain in a shower so that the water flow freely. In addition, the plumber can repair any other problems in your home before an emergency issue occurs.

Preventing Hair Loss

If you want to avoid having drain clogs from hair in the shower, then you can reduce hair loss. Consume a more nutritious diet each day along with drinking a lot of water to prevent the loss of hair. Choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair’s type. Make hair mask treatments at home to create a healthier scalp and hair strands by mixing a small amount of olive oil, honey and plain yogurt in a bowl to apply to your hair and scalp. Massage this into your scalp and hair before wrapping a moist towel around your head. Rinse this hair mask out after 20 minutes.

Protecting the Environment

Finding natural ways to remove hair clogs can protect the environment from the damages of volatile chemicals or excess trash in the landfills. It also helps your home from slowly breaking apart. In the case you need repair a Clearwater plumbing professional can help. Our hope is that you find these green options as a way to keep your hairs from clogging your pipes.

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