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4 Items You Didn’t Know You Should Recycle During Spring Cleaning

During each spring season, many people like to take time to go through their home to clean out their property and get rid of old junk. In many cases, this process will lead to you throwing out a lot of personal items. However, there are many items that should actually be recycled instead of thrown out.

Old Electronics - 4 Items You Didn’t Know You Should Recycle During Spring Cleaning

Old Electronics

When you are looking to clean out your home each spring, some of the common items that you could come across can include old computers, phones, tablets, and other electronics. While you may be wary about simply throwing these items out, a good option would be to use a professional recycling service. An electronic recycling service will safely wipe clean all of your data and then take apart the items for spare parts and other materials.


While most people today get their movies through streaming and on demand services, this was not always the case. Today, many people have dozens of old VHS tapes and DVDs that are taking up space and will likely never be watched again. When you are wondering what to do with VHS tapes how to recycle VHS tapes and DVDs, you will find that there are services that will take the materials and melt them down to turn the parts into new products.


One of the last items that you should simply throw away are old clothes. While you may have old clothes that seem to only be taking up space in your closet, each item could be something that could be greatly valued by another party. By donating these clothes to a charity, you will be giving someone clothes that they need to prepare for a new job, dress their kids for school, or stay warm in the winter. Because of these, clothes should always be donated or sent to a recycling service.


Throwing away old furniture is always a bad option as they are big items that will take up a lot of space in the landfill. Instead, you should always look to recycle these items. When you do this, you will either be giving the items directly to a charity or another service that will break the items down and allow the parts to be turned into something new.

Prior to throwing out any item during the spring season, you should carefully assess whether an item could provide value to others. If you aren’t sure if something can be reused, an internet search can help you in determining how to recycle VHS tapes, electronics, furniture, and other items. These are four surprising items in particular that should always be recycled.

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