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4 Ways Your Household Can Waste Less Energy This Summer

Just like the song goes: it’s summertime and the living is easy. The living can also be cost-effective when you upgrade your household to become more energy efficient.

Smart Technology House - 4 Ways Your Household Can Waste Less Energy This Summer

Install “Smart” Technology

A smart thermostat can actually detect when you’re home. It eliminates the worry of wondering whether you left your air conditioning or heating on. Some models figure out your temperature preferences over time. You can control these devices from your phone or computer. An app shows you what settings you’ve used. That tells you where you might be wasting energy (and money). Smart lights work similarly and have comparable benefits. They allow you to dim the lights without leaving the couch. You can also install smart lights equipped with motion sensors so you’re not wasting electricity by lighting rooms without people in them.

Insulate Your Home

Improving home insulation is particularly important if you live in an older house. Even some newer homes need better insulation as well. Start by measuring how thick your existing insulation is. You can do this easily using an electrical outlet box. Shine a flashlight around the area. This shows you if there even is insulation there. If so, carefully pull out some insulation to assess its type. Your whole house needs to be insulated. Common areas without insulation include attics and crawlspaces. Some air can also escape around windows and doors. You could even get a tax break for insulating your home.

Improve Your Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system works by distributing hot or cold air through ducts inside your home’s walls. It improves air circulation around your home. This type of air conditioning tends to be centrally located. Its technology has improved from its first uses in the 1970s. Today’s models use between 30% to 50% less energy and produce the same amount of cooling benefits.

Double-Check Your Appliances for Energy Waste

Energy efficiency also extends to the appliances you use. The most common of these tend to be washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Making the switch can reduce your electric bills because these are such large appliances. Make sure to only run washing machines and dishwashers on a full load to reduce water waste as well.

If you haven’t yet made these adjustments towards a greener home it is never too late to start. Introduce these changes, like a ducted air conditioning system or better insulation, and soon your home will become a haven of efficiency and savings.

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