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5 Advantages Of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete coatings add a touch of style to home construction projects. Now you don’t have to look at functional but boring concrete since decorative concrete adds a bit of pizzazz to your surfaces. The decorative functions have certainly increased the popularity of concrete in the construction industry.


If you’re still wondering about the value of decorative concrete, here are five advantages it has over ordinary concrete and other non-concrete applications.

Improve The Aesthetics

Today, concrete is no longer represented by a big slab of grey used as the base for tiles, linoleums, wood flooring or carpets. A decorative coating will transform the slab of cement into a beautiful creation that can stand on its own without covering it up with other ornaments or material.

Painting contractors use stamped concrete- where they create interesting patterns and designs on the concrete before it dries. The designs could mimic brick, stone, wood or slate but you can commission your own design so the stamped concrete is not compared to anything else. Apart from patters, the contractor could mix dyes in the cement to create different hues or they might add stones, rocks, tiles and other elements to the cement for a more unique look. Stamped concrete may be used as pavers, which are safer and much easier to apply and maintain.

Design Flexibility

Decorative concrete coatings offer design flexibility that is not available with other floor finishes. Use them to create stained, acid-etched, stamped, or polished floors, which are cheaper than other floor coverings. You’ll observe that polished floors are used at many public locations because they are durable, easy to maintain, and are perfect light reflectors.

To create a polished floor in your home, you’ll need a concrete grinder and polishing primer or you can use decorative concrete coatings to easily transform your floors.

Long Lasting

Concrete is durable and strong, so its rigidity will help it hold up to almost any physical impact. Add your decorative concrete coating on the top, and you’ll have floors that are beautiful and timeless, backed by the superior strength of the concrete below.

This means that your floors will last for many years, and will be impervious to most loads. Plus it will deteriorate at a rate that’s much slower than other traditional floors.

Garage floor epoxy will further protect the floors from wind, water, and chemical damage.


Decorative concrete coatings are durable and resistant to most damages so they won’t need constant repairs or maintenance. It means that you’ll spend less for keeping up your floors. With minimal cleaning and re-polishing required, you’ll spend less time and money for upkeep.


Decorative concrete coatings play a critical role in green projects. They promote energy efficiency since they maintain a comfortable inner temperature thereby reducing the energy used by the HVAC system. Most coatings reflect light, which also helps to stabilize the temperature in the room.

Decorative concrete coatings are both decorative and functional, making it a popular and practical solution for home and commercial use.

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