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5 Attractive Concrete Styles to Consider for Your New Patio

Concrete is an extremely durable patio material that is sure to last for many years to come. There are numerous patio styles to choose from when it comes to creating an attractive patio, all of which come with their own set of advantages.

Concrete Style Patio - 5 Attractive Concrete Styles to Consider for Your New Patio

Color Concrete for a More Colorful Appearance 

The first patio option is colored concrete. To achieve this look, new patio concrete can be stained to match your existing landscape, your home, or colored to stand out on its own. Colors are available in stains, dyes, and colored hardeners. There is a large variety of unique colors available to choose from, each providing an attractive and protective coating to your patio surface.  

Stamp Concrete Slab for a Stylish Texture 

If you like the look of a stone patio, but don’t want to deal with the expense, there is a more affordable alternative available. Using a stamping technique on freshly laid concrete enables you to create the look of stone, slate, tiles, brick, or wood without the high cost. Stamping concrete allows you to create a texture or imprinted appearance on your concrete for a more luxurious appearance.

Use Pavers to Create a Concrete Patio at a Fraction of the Cost 

Concrete pavers enable homeowners to create a full patio at a fraction of the cost. Pavers come in a wide range of sizes, which can be mixed and matched for a more attractive finish. Concrete pavers can be laid over stones or they can be set in with sand. Pavers come in the standard gray color or they are available in red.

Engrave Concrete with your Favorite Designs 

Another decorative treatment for freshly laid concrete is engraving. Textured finishes can be etched out of concrete using a router. This shows especially well on concrete that has been colored. The routed area will appear white, giving the appearance of fresh grouting on a surface to emphasize patterns and designs.

Keep it Simple with Exposed Aggregate 

The final option available for a new concrete patio, and one of the most commonly chosen options is the exposed aggregate. This is simply plain, unremarkable concrete that is stripped away to its bare beauty. This option emphasizes the durability of a freshly laid concrete patio. Typically, the aggregate finish is one of the easiest to maintain as it does not typically suffer from any discoloration or fading.

Contact a company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc if you have questions. These five concrete patio options are all sure to provide you will the most attractive patio surface you could ever imagine. Whether you go with pavers, an aggregate finish, stained, engraved, or stamped, you can rest assure knowing the concrete patio will be an attractively finished surface for many years to come.

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