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5 Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them

For many homeowners, their lawn is just an extension of the house they have worked so hard to make perfect. When problems start cropping up in their yard, they work like hell to make it look flawless again. Unfortunately, nature has a way of making it difficult for you to get the perfect lawn you’ve always envisioned. But don’t lose hope just yet. There may be a solution to those problems you find yourself stressing about any time guests are due for a backyard barbecue.


  1. Grass is scarce under trees.

Unknown to many, a good majority of grass species have a hard time thriving in shaded areas. If you have particularly robust trees, chances are the grass isn’t getting the sunlight it needs to look great. To get that beautiful green growing all the way up to the trunk, try planting a variety of fescue, which does well whether it has sunlight or not.

  1. Weeds are taking over.

As pretty as dandelions may be to children, they are an eyesore to those working on a prize-winning lawn. To curb the take over of various weeds, apply herbicide to your yard in both the spring and the fall. If you skip one of the seasons, the weeds will persist, as different weeds are targeted in different seasons.

  1. Lawn looks striped.

If your grass is growing beautifully green but has strips of yellow, it has most likely been fertilized unevenly. It is important to make sure fertilizer covers wheel tracks if you use a spreader device with wheels of any kind. If the stripes are a different color than yellow, your lawn mower most likely is cutting the grass unevenly and needs to be adjusted.

  1. Bare and grassless areas.

This could be caused by a variety of problems, but if it is due to heavy traffic in the area, consider putting a stone or brick path of some kind in. If this is not the problem, it may be a good idea to try and reseed the area. When the conditions are ideal, rake the dirt up and plant the seed solely in the bare area. Then water the area frequently over a few week timespan and keep traffic to a minimum.

  1. Grass is thin and patchy.

If you have never been able to successfully create that exquisite lawn you’ve always dreamed of, the problem could lie in the soil. Purchase a soil test from your local home improvement store. These tests, coupled with intense research or the knowledge of a local expert, will help you determine what is missing or abundant in your soil and how to fix it. Once the soil has been optimized, your lawn will be sure to flourish.

Yards can be touchy and homeowners can quickly get fed up with the constant maintenance they require. However, by addressing problems head on with long-term solutions, you can cut back on your yard maintenance significantly for the future.

Written by Mike West, owner of WestCo Grounds Maintenance. WestCo provides the best solutions for lawn care Jefferson City MO has to offer. They also specialize in irrigation and lawn sprinkler service.

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