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5 cool ways to decorate your home with landscape design

So you are thinking about refurbishing your house and budget is a constraint. You want something that is different, practical, easy to maintain and yet affordable. Of course durability should be considered too. This is where steps in. The website offers you a range of spectacular products made from bamboo, which will not only enhance the home décor, but also cater to your outdoors. The are made from the finest of bamboos and then crafted by experts to create the perfect finish. Here are five products that you can use in your homes-


Bamboo rugs

Aren’t you tired of using the same old boring rugs, which tend to get dustier each year and the dry cleaners seem to be doing a shoddy job cleaning it. Well then it’s time to check out the cool range of rugs made from bamboo at The rugs here are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit individual tastes. They are foldable and can be spread instantly, with no worries of permanent adjustment or settings. Just throw in some cushions for a game of poker with friends.

Bamboo fencing

It is time to get rid of that boring old picket fence and opt for the greener bamboo. The fencing available at is durable and affordable. It makes your home look like a tropical haven and also thanks to the natural cooling properties of bamboo, keeps it cooler. You can pick a fence length and type that suits you. And don’t worry; replacement is something you don’t have to bother with for a few years!

Bamboo paneling

There was a time when wall paper used to be the hot paneling, then came wood, which was more expensive and difficult to maintain and then came bamboo. The inexpensive and durable panels are so practical and easy to install that you will love them. They are perfect to hide the problem areas of the house like an uneven or plain wall that really needs something extra. The panels are free from worries like termites or even peeling off and again have a natural cooling effect.

Bamboo slats

These bamboo slats available at are a great way to enhance your window or patio décor. You can use them instead of vinyl or even wood. Since they are weather resistant, you can be assured about them lasting for a long time. They are available in dark and light colors to complement the exteriors of the house. Of course, you can get experimental and use them indoors for seating or even as a decorative piece.

Reed products

Say goodbye to the boring old curtains and blind and say yes to bamboo reeds. The reeds available at are a sensible way to cover the windows and doors during the warmer seasons and keep the heat at bay. Again, you don’t have to worry about costs or durability here, thanks to the great quality. So enjoy some privacy along with the benefits of nature.

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