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5 Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

When you are purchasing a baby gift for a family member or friend, you should consider eco-friendly gifts. Contrary to what many people believe, eco-friendly gifts are not overly expensive or dull. You can find many different gifts that will be perfect for the new baby and protect the world in which that baby will grow.

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5 Ideas For Great Eco-Friendly Gifts For A New Baby

1. The Boon GLO Nightlight. This is a spectacular gift that will be well used even when the baby makes it to the toddler stage. This night light is an interactive device that sits on a flat surface. The light has three removable light balls that can be held to help small children remain unafraid of the dark. When sitting on the base, the balls light up and create a light show on the walls, giving even the smallest baby something to look at and use to fall asleep. The lights charge while on the base and contain a LED light which uses very little energy. There are no moving parts or batteries to worry about and the base charger is very economical to use.

2. Boppy Pillow. A boppy pillow is a U-shaped pillow that you place around a baby’s neck to keep their head from flopping about when they are newborns. This pillow can be found made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled fillers or sustainable materials. Easy to wash, you will not have to replace this pillow until the baby outgrows its use.

3. Cloth Diapers. One of the most common items found in a landfill is a plastic disposable diaper. These diapers are thought to take 300 or more years to decompose, and even then chemicals are leaked into the ground. A very large supply of cloth diapers and fasteners is a wonderful eco-friendly baby gift.

4. Natural Rubber Teethers. When baby teeth start to come in, there is nothing that your baby will not chew on to ease their suffering. Natural rubber teethers are the best choice for this situation. Plastic teethers can contain harsh chemicals and, when discarded, slowly decay in a landfill leaking toxins into the soil. A natural rubber teether is free from chemicals, will last longer than its plastic counterpart, and when discarded can be recycled.

5. Baby Wrap. Often called baby slings, these wraps are a great way for mom and baby to bond together. The baby is literally attached to the mom using the wrap and carried around. You can find wraps made with sustainable materials and all natural cottons. These are perfect for new moms.

As you can see, it is very easy to find practical gifts for a new baby that are environmentally friendly. Purchasing these types of gifts also bestows another gift on the new baby: a better place to live. Each generation must make the effort to care for the planet. By giving the new baby an eco-friendly gift, you will be setting an example that will last their lifetime.

Giovanna O’Neal is a wife and eco-friendly mother who has used a variety of environmentally friendly products in her home. She noticed that reusable items like a boppy pillow have allowed her children to gain early independence without sacrificing comfort.

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