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5 Things To Help You Go Green At Home and Save Money

Going green at home is easier and more affordable than ever, with manufacturers offering a variety of home products that save you lots of money on utility bills and are good for the environment. Here are five key ways to help you go green at home and save money.

Go Green At Home and Save Money

Focus on Saving Water

Low flow shower heads and water aerators are great for saving water, reducing your impact on the environment simply and affordable. Taking shorter showers, only doing full loads of laundry, and only running the dishwasher only after it is full are other great ways to reduce your water use.

Go Meatless

Having at least one meatless day every week is a small way to save money on expensive meat and reduce your environmental impact. Eating less meat may also save you a bundle in health costs in the long run. When you eat meat, eating meat that is lower in the food chain is also better for the environment and it also saves you money at the grocery store.

Focus on Saving Electricity

A variety of programmable thermostats are available today, and these can result in substantial savings. If you are going to purchase a “big” appliance such as a large hot tub, check out websites such as to find an energy-efficient model that won’t make your electricity bill skyrocket. “Smart” power strips are widely available and save electricity because they prevent your appliances from using “vampire power”.

Change Your Buying Habits

Purchasing gently used items instead of new ones will save you money, but it is also better for the environment as it is a form of recycling. Also consider purchasing premium quality goods that will last longer, even if you do have to pay a little bit more for them.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Most household cleaning products can be made with soap, lemon, baking soda, and vinegar. These materials are generally cheaper than regular cleaners, and will not poison the air quality inside your house or the environment when they are disposed of. Other basic cleaning ingredients such as tea tree oil make great cleaning agents and are not destructive to the environment.

Going green is easier and more affordable than ever. Changing some of your everyday habits can have a big impact on the environment and will probably be good for your wallet as well. Saving water, electricity, and producing less waste is typically pretty simple.

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