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5 Tips for Throwing the Best Christmas Party

If Christmas is at your house this year then don’t panic. There are a few easy tips you can follow to make sure that your Christmas party goes off without a hitch. Being organised is the key and to make it memorable try doing something a little different from the usual formal sit down lunch with roast turkey. You could have your Christmas lunch outdoors under the patio or in the shade of a tree. You might want to make your Christmas party a pool party and have a really casual family get together. Have your pool looking its best by clearing out the pool filter and vacuum up all the leaves.

Be Organised Early

Probably one of the best things you can do with any party is get yourself organised early. This includes working out your guest list, planning your menu, sorting out whether you have enough chairs and where you are going to source more, what music you might have playing, what sort of decorations you want to have as your Christmas theme and whether or not everybody is going to be exchanging gifts.

Send out invitations early, either by mail, email or phone everyone. Christmas is a time of year where people get booked up quickly so get in first to ensure you have maximum attendance. If you are having a meal at your house on Christmas day with family this is something that is usual worked out months before, or you might have some sort of rotation where everyone has a turn at having Christmas at their house.

Plan your Menu

Start planning your menu a few weeks before Christmas, but if you need to order your turkey or seafood you might have to look at sorting out your menu a couple of months in advance. You might want to have a traditional Christmas fare with turkey, roast vegetables, ham, Christmas pudding and all the trimmings, or you could go for something more casual and have seafood, cold ham, salads and an ice cream pudding.

Formal or Casual?

Do you like to have a more traditional formal Christmas with a fancy meal using your best silverware or is a Christmas outdoors around the barbecue more your scene? Either way is a great way to celebrate Christmas and to spend time with family and friends. For a formal Christmas decorate your table with candles, holly, tinsel and Christmas decorations. Set out your good tableware and serve up turkey with cranberry sauce, ham, pudding and finish with Christmas cake.

Choose the best wines you can afford with a nice sparkling wine to go with the start of the meal. If you choose to have a casual Christmas lunch fire up the barbecue and cook some prawns or bake a whole fish. You can even cook a turkey in a Weber barbecue. Pavlova is a great dessert on a warm day, as well as fresh fruit salad, or you can serve Christmas pudding cold.


To get into the festive spirit make sure you decorate your house. As well as the Christmas tree decorate the table and hang tinsel, baubles and other decorations around the room.


Know beforehand whether or not your family is exchanging presents. Some families go all out and buy presents for each family member, others don’t bother at all. If you are watching your spending perhaps organise a Kris Kringle, where each family member buys one gift for one other family member. It needs to be sorted out a few months before who buys for who, but it is an effective way of enjoy Christmas without having to spend a fortune.

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