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5 Tips for Using an Urn Planter for a Gorgeous Green Memorial

Living memorials are becoming more and more common, with memorial gardens (both public and private) popping up in many areas. Many families choose a green memorial to honor the memory of a nature-lover or outdoor enthusiast, a free spirit, or a generous person who would have loved to give back to the world.


Trees are a popular choice because of their long life and incredible strength, as well as the fact that they serve as homes and food for wildlife. This quick guide will help you establish a tree memorial of your own.

1. Choose the Right Tree or Plant
Ordering a planter urn online is quite easy as green memorials grow in popularity, but it is important to check the type of seed included with the purchase. Some do not come with seeds at all, and others may come with a seed that would not work well in your climate. We suggest buying a young and healthy sapling locally – perhaps an evergreen if you ever plan to visit the site in winter.

2. Find an Accessible Property
Tree memorials are ideal for daydreaming, for prayer, and they serve as a fantastic meeting ground for grieving family members. A tree can also serve as a powerful symbol – though – especially if planted somewhere that the deceased would have enjoyed. Choose your location carefully. Gain permission before planting and make sure that future visits are possible if so desired.

3. Use the Right Type of Urn
There are plenty of great pre-made planter urns out there, but you can use any urn that will quickly dissolve in the soil. Most biodegradable urns will work just fine – simply contact the manufacturer to find out exactly how many days or weeks it will take the urn to degrade, because you don’t want the roots of the sapling to become cramped. Take some time to check out Stardust Memorials for a huge selection full of inspiration.

4. Don’t Forget the Maintenance
Take steps to ensure that somebody in your family will be able to maintain and look after the tree, unless you have chosen a green cemetery with a good reputation for maintenance. Visit the tree at least once a year while the foliage is supposed to be at its greenest so you can check for parasites or diseases, most of which are easy to remedy if caught early.

5. Find Special Ways to Remember
Put the final touches on your memorial tree. We love memorial wind chimes because they are interactive and comforting, and you can have the tag engraved with something meaningful. Birdhouses and Birdfeeders are a great way to memorialize people who loved wildlife; an engraved stone would be a great way to share a poem that a literary mind treasured.

Memorial trees make a big statement, but some families would rather create something smaller and more intimate. You could create a flower garden or perhaps a small berry-yielding bush. You could even order multiples so that everyone in the family can have a living keepsake to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

If you do decide to plant a memorial tree, make sure to start planning the details as early as possible. Gaining permission to use public lands can take time, and tracking down the right sapling or seed takes some preparation as well. Your hard work will be rewarded with a memorial that becomes more beautiful and symbolically powerful by the day.

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