Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

5 Ways the World Keeps Getting Greener

Is there an easy way to make the world a better, greener place? Given the catastrophic climate change, nuclear war, and the increasing super intelligence that slowly destroy the world, revamping it seems like a daunting task. It takes not just a village but the entire world to make Earth a better place. Before we start looking at the bigger picture, why don’t we start this change within ourselves? There are simple ways people can do every day to make this world greener.



The purpose of recycling is not just to make the environment clean. It matters to recycle in able to reduce air and water pollution. It is not just about conserving materials by making old items look like new. Reusing of products is a smart way to avoid landfills. Keep a box at home that contains items you can still recycle.

Use Earth-Friendly Products

Many products we use starting from cleaning items like laundry detergent and bleach contain down to toiletries are made of synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. For instance, a typical laundry detergent has synthetic perfume, petrochemicals, and enzymes that are all known toxic for humans. Earth-friendly products can be a bit pricey, but it’s all worth-it because cheap items that contain harsh chemicals can harm both the environment and consumers.

Go Organic

Going organic is an extensive subject. A number of products out in the market require organic certification. The items and products we typically use undergo testing in the lab before they are brought to consumers. To ensure if a product is organic or not, manufacturers of laboratory items should also look for high quality materials. CPI International is one example of the companies that manufactures items for organic lab testing.

Maximize the Use of Smartphones

Ever imagined how many tress end up in landfills every week because people make newspapers and other paper products? We can take advantage of technology since many of us nowadays already read news from tablet, smartphones, and desktops. We can also take note on our phones instead of writing everything down on a paper.

Conserve Energy

Turn off lights when not needed or take advantage of the sunlight to save energy during the day. When buying bulbs, go for the compact fluorescent ones because they can reduce energy up to 75 percent. With regard to cooling your home, invest on attic insulation as it can increase the air conditioner and furnace efficiency.

While the individual effect of green living is infinitesimal from the point of view of homeowners and small business entrepreneurs, these five current environmental trends are definitely helping create a brighter and more sustainable future for today’s generation and the next ones to come.

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