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6 Steps to Ensure Your Business Stays Green

Savvy business owners will want to do their part to help the environment. It’s good for the earth as well as for your company’s bottom line to go green and practice environmentally sound practices. With that in mind, here are six steps to help you ensure that your business stays green:

Recycled Paper

1. Recycle Your Waste Paper

If your employees are in the habit of crumpling up paper and tossing it into the trash when they no longer need it, you will want to reeducate them on the benefits of recycling. Set up recycling stations and remind each worker about the importance of keeping paper out of landfills.

2. Change the Lights

Light bulbs use a great deal of electricity and are a great area where your company can do its part for the environment. Replace your old-fashioned incandescent bulbs with fluorescent lights or longer-lived LED lights. A good place to start is with your emergency exit signs. It’s also a good idea to install motion sensors to turn lights out in conference rooms after the meeting has ended, saving money and energy.

3. Provide Reusable Cups

Disposable paper and plastic foam cups are convenient, to be sure, but they also are terrible for the environment. To truly go green, offer your workers and guests reusable drinking cups and mugs that can be washed in the employee kitchen or break area.

Business owners find that after consulting with an industrial and commercial collection services firm such as Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., which does dumpster rental in Phoenix, realize the value of lowering the amount of trash they put into landfills. This makes it easier for them to encourage their employees to recycle and lower their carbon footprint.

4. Encourage Car Pooling and the Use of Public Transportation

The more people driving fossil fuel burning vehicles on our roads and highways, the more pollution they send into the sky. Encourage your employees to carpool, letting them sign up through the corporate website or even a sign-up sheet posted in the break room. Budget to reimburse employees for public transportation passes.

5. Purchase Recycled Materials

Whenever possible, encourage your employees to purchase and use recycled materials. This can include the paper you use in photocopy machines, for faxing and printing. You can even buy recycled bathroom tissue and paper towels.

6. Use Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat enables you to control the temperature in your building much more precisely. You can even set it up to use less power over the weekends and holidays when no one will be using the building.

As you can see, staying green is great for business. You save money by recycling more materials, and your company can see more green with increased profits from customers who are happy that you are doing your part to preserve the environment.

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