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7 Rules For The Most Beautiful And Practical Kitchen Solutions

Designing a new kitchen can be a big and expensive venture, but as long as you keep the look and the practical design of your kitchen in mind when you are coming up with ideas, then the end result should be one of which you are very proud.

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1)    Make It Sociable

A sociable kitchen is the best kind of space for anyone that likes to entertain, regularly has visitors or just has a large family. The kitchen is very much the “hub” of the home, so whether you are sitting on your laptop at the breakfast bar emailing friends, helping kids with their homework or preparing food for your barbeque, the social aspect can be a very important part of any kitchen.

2)    Have Space For Gadgets

Any baking enthusiast will know that space for ingredients and gadgets can take up a lot of space, therefore even if you have a small space for a kitchen you need to ensure that the room that you do have has enough space for utensils, bowls, mixers and bulky ingredients such as flour. Think about the kind of cook that you are and add in shelving, units, extra cabinets (such as corner spaces) to make the most of the space that you have available. A large hanging rack above an island for example is a great place to display and store fresh herbs, vegetables and large bowls or colanders etc.

3)    Efficient Layout

Every budding chef should have a kitchen where he or she can easily access food, appliances, and utensils so that they can cook efficiently and with ease. Plan where your plug sockets are going to go, and always have enough storage for all of your appliances. Shelves for bowls and plates save you trying to reach into the back of deep cabinets to find a frequently used item, and knife racks are ideal for grabbing and chopping your ingredients. Think about your kitchen cabinet design to create easy-reach items and plenty of space and style.

4)    Be Green

If saving the planet is one of your top priorities when it comes to designing you new kitchen, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. Energy efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, lights and cookers are all a great way of reducing your emissions from your kitchen alone – especially since this is the room where more than 50% of the home’s electricity comes from.

5)    Open Plan And Peaceful

Kitchens don’t have to be hectic cooking spaces, in fact they can be the ideal place to cook, socialize and have fun. Creating an open plan feel with a large space is great if you are unsure what to do with a large room. Look at the space that you have and see if it is possible to knock the wall through to the adjoining room to create an open plan kitchen-diner – just make sure you insert an RSJ if you are knocking down a supporting wall. Kitchen diners are all the rage at the moment and create a fantastically relaxed space which you can work and chat in. Use an island as a breakfast bar or storage area and then use a large dining table to complete the room.

6)    Space Saving Furniture

Even the tiniest of kitchen spaces can be used to great effect. You just need to make sure that you plan ahead and have enough space saving furniture at the ready so that you have space to eat, cook and prepare food. A drop leaf table mounted on the wall is ideal for one or two people and can create a lovely area to eat breakfast for one or two people. It also gives you an extra space to prepare food when you are cooking for friends. Use light colored cabinets to create the illusion of space and make sure that they fit well. Place a kitchen cart in any gaps between cabinets and you have an extra storage solution for miscellaneous kitchen items.

7)    Suitable For Kids

Think of safe and easy to use appliances that you are happy to have in your kitchen. Make surfaces easy to reach and get foot stools to make the kitchen feel just as much your children’s space as yours.

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