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7 Tips to Help Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has very popular in recent days because it adds the durability and helps reduce the energy cost compared to other roofing material of your home. This type of roofing material has available in a wide array of colors, textures and styles based on your requirement you can prefer the metal roof. Most probably the people are required to watch the color appearance and stylish look without these factors they won’t consider the roofing material especially for the metal roofing. The metal roofing installation process just like a usual roofing process compared that it is very simple in design, but it can become complicated quickly.


The flashing details and the attention to attachment for procedures that make the difference between the good metal roof without any problem in the roof material. In olden days they are using the asphalt shingles instead of you are replacing the old shingles to metal roof because of less maintenance compared to the old shingles. Best of all, they are simple to install the metal roof over an existing shingle roof. Before that, you should know the detail information about the metal roofing and supportive materials. Use the guidance for installing the metal roof over the old roof and try to get the most out of your new roof investment. The seven tips for installing the metal roof without any damage or causes. The steps are:

Remove the old vents
The first step to installing the new metal roof before that you should remove the old roof that cover the plumbing vents. And, you will also need to remove any galvanized vents and try to make sure about the surface structure and secure area. Also, make sure the first panels have installed based on the square area and should follow of it all of the other panels.

Install the 1×3 panels
Because the metal roof can be easily bent and become dented when you walk on it as well as you will need to add the series of space either it may be 1×3 or 1×4 onto the existing shingle roof. If your roof is stripped down to the bare plywood try to you will skip the step and don’t make any risk.

Trim pieces
The next step has to install the drip edge trim pieces and this metal roof needs to be attached using the shank roofing nails or screw that spaced about the roofing surface. You have to start at the bottom region of the roof as well as you should work the way up to the top level of the roof to get the watertight drip edge trim. So be sure to overlap each of the trim pieces and to get the best coverage that won’t make any leak. Finally, you should add any valley trim as you needed.

This is a very important part especially for the metal roofing panels that should be attached beginning with the side that will face the most wind. You will need to attach the panels with the metal roof screws or nails that have to prevent the leaks without any damage or causes. So try to add the side trim panels at the roof peaks and expel covers to complete the roof.

Preventive measures
If you are doing the roof installation process try to wear the protective rubber coated gloves while you are working with the metal roofing and flashing. But, this is not only protects you from the sharp metal edges and gives you a better grip on the metal roofing surface. If you are focusing the professional support to make the perfect resource to build the home and especially for the metal roofing try to get the detail information from Flat roof Oklahoma.

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