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7 Ways to Banish Bad Smell from Bathroom

There probably isn’t any bathroom in the world that at some time or the other did not suffer from bad odour. This is one room in any house that is always plagued by smells and keeping it odour free is every home maker’s nightmare. The bathroom is usually the smallest space in a home, and its mere use creates musty damp air.


Humidity added to elimination odors, which all are constrained in that one tiny are, naturally lead to unpleasant smells. This does not mean one has to live with it or keep a perpetual air freshener handy [though a spray never hurt]; here are a few tips to clear out the dreadful smells from the bathroom without losing your sleep:

· To repeat what has been advised a million times; regularly clean the bathroom. Wash all surfaces and wipe them dry. Change floor mats and rugs, as they retain water and dust, which gives off a rotten smell. Flush out toilets and bidets with strong cleansing agents frequently to remove accumulation of waste matter. Pay attention to soft toys used by children, as they carelessly leave them anywhere.

·  Bathrooms are by nature damp and dark, leading to growth of mould and sludge. Sunlight is said to kill bacteria and clear out a place. Open out windows and let in fresh air and if possible sunlight, it will remove mites and eliminate odour. Air out the bathroom at least twice a week.

· Get all plumbing checked by a professional plumber. Sometimes choked up drains or leaky pipes can cause a lingering foul smell. First try to clear the drain with an industrial cleaner, if it does not work call in a specialist and do not try to attempt yourself.

· Never leave out used and wet towels or robes in a bathroom. The closed environs will encourage the garments to give off a stink and also encourage the growth of bacteria. Also, try not to use the bathroom to dry mops and other such laundry as wet material will clog the air with smells in a short while. If the man of the house insists on smoking in the bathroom or leaving used socks there, Shoot him!

· Use strong disinfectant to clean the bathroom regularly. All parts of the floor, tiles, shower enclosures and platforms should be washed with a decent sanitizer. This will remove dirt and prevent sludge and bacteria, which add to offensive odour. If chemicals deter you, opt for “green” detergents, which contain herbal and natural leaf extracts. This works as well as chemical ones, without causing allergies.

· Enhance the bathroom interiors by adding natural scents to the room. Aroma candles will not only give off a diffused perfume but will create a distinct ambience in the room. Scented soaps will leave behind a lovely lingering scent to a bathroom. A fresh spray of lavender or orange blossom will work wonders in relieving the place of stinks.

· One miraculous addition to keep a bathroom clear of odours is to install an efficient exhaust fan. This smart gizmo is worth every penny it costs and pays off admirably in many ways. An exhaust will instantly dry the area after a shower, remove condensation and keep the bathroom entirely odour free. Investing in one will be a wise choice in the long run.

A little effort will not only keep the bathroom free of odours, but will safeguard the health, as well. Odours are always accompanied by germs and illnesses, so clean regularly. The bonus will be a beautiful inviting bathroom in your home.

Author Bio : Naseem Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Range of Fitted Furniture’s and Triton Showers. Apart from writing she loves cooking and reading books.

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