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A brief discussion on Fun Tree Facts

Trees were one some of the very first things to live and grow on this planet, yet even today some of the information about them remains elusive to scientists and researchers. Just because they remain mysterious on some fronts, trees are still vital to life on earth.

Tree Removal

If for some reason the Earth would be cleared of all trees, we as humans would be in big trouble. Trees help the planet ‘breathe’ and many plants and animals depend on having them around. Here are some pretty interesting facts about the tall giants that we co-inhabit our environment with:

  1. Many medications and drugs are made up from several biological compounds that are found in trees. In fact, some chemotherapy drugs are created from a Yew Tree. If you happen to be a resident of the United Kingdom and own one of these trees, you are more than welcome to donate some clippings. In addition to chemotherapy drugs, the drug ecstasy also has parts of it that come from a tree natural to Cambodia.
  2. The Manchineel Tree is the world’s most dangerous tree and it can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The bark on this tree is soaking with a type of sap that is very dangerous to humankind. It can cause horrendous blisters and even blind you if you get any in your eye. Also if you burn the wood from this tree the smoke can make you blind as well, and it carries poisonous apples on its branches.
  3. Trees actually talk to each other. As bizarre as it sounds, certain types of trees out there have been discovered to warn each other against harm and swarms of insects. Scientists specifically have studied Willow and Poplar Trees. In addition to that, it has been noted that many trees that are prone to insect infestations will naturally make their leaves more toxic to the insects and also “shout out” to their neighbors. Once this occurs, those trees who were warned will also start to produce the toxic chemicals in their leaves.
  4. In the event that you should ever get lost in the forest, trees can be used as compasses. In the northern temperature climates you will notice that moss grows on the northern side of the trunk, which can always show you which way it is. In addition, tree trunks will have thicker rings on the northern side and thinner ones on the southern side.
  5. The oldest trees on Earth are believed to be a colony of Quaking Aspen trees in the state of Utah. Their group covers about 103 acres of land and every trunk of each tree is genetically the same. Scientists and researchers have estimated that these trees have all been together for more than 80,000 years.
  6. Trees are partially responsible for lowering the air temperatures by evaporating the water in their leaves. They also help people out by renewing the air supply by absorbing all the carbon dioxide in the environment and producing oxygen.
  7. The tallest tree in the world is in California and stands at about 360 feet tall. It is a Coast Redwood and can be found inside the Redwood National forest. In addition to that one of the world’s tallest soft wood trees is the General Sherman which is about 275 feet tall and has a girth of about 25 feet. Thousands of people visit this park each year to admire how large the trees are and appreciate them.

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