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Acrylic Aquariums – The Pros Weigh Over the Cons

Our office was beautifully decorated, but we still felt something was missing. We needed a focal point in the reception that was soothing as well as eye-catching. After a lot of pondering and discussion, we decided to install an aquarium in the reception. The colorful fish, the aquatic plants and the clear aquarium were perfect for our reception area.

Fish Tank

Search for the Ideal Aquarium

Once we decided to install an aquarium, the next step was finding the perfect aquarium. It had to be something that was durable, easy to clean and something that would capture attention of visitors coming to our office. The aquarium would serve as a way to relax and escape from the chaos of work and life. We had a choice between acrylic and glass aquarium. While some of us veered towards glass aquarium, others wanted an acrylic one. So we sat down and did some research and found out that an acrylic aquarium would be a better choice. While an acrylic aquarium had some disadvantages, the advantages outweighed them.

Advantages of Acrylic Aquarium

We bought the acrylic aquarium from Acrylics Online. This company was gracious and honest to educate us about the pros and cons of going in for an acrylic aquarium.

  • Lightweight: Any aquarium will weigh a lot once it is filled with water. And, if there is a need to shift to another corner of the room, it can be tedious to do it without splashing water or dropping the aquarium. But an acrylic aquarium is lighter than a glass one and this makes it easier to shift.
  • Sturdy: Just because acrylic aquariums are lightweight, it does not mean they are breakable. On the contrary, these aquariums are extremely strong and have the ability to tolerate rough usage, force and pressure very well.
  • Varied Shapes: We did not want the usual rectangular aquarium. It was too clichéd. We wanted something different and unique that would make our reception stand out. And, acrylic was perfect, as it can be molded to any shape. We ultimately went in for a hexagonal acrylic aquarium, but that is a different story altogether!
  • Visual Clarity: What is the point of having an aquarium that does not offer clear and undistorted view of the fish and aquatic plants? This is why an acrylic aquarium is perfect. It offers a clear view, without any distortion. There is no hazy look or feel and that served our purpose perfectly.

Disadvantages of Acrylic Aquarium

Of course, we learnt there are some disadvantages to installing this aquarium in our office. So, we would have to accept these if we wanted to enjoy the advantages.

  • Easily Scratches: One of the major issues with acrylic aquariums is they get scratched easily if rough things or sharp objects touch it. So, we would have to be careful when putting gravel and sand in the aquarium and while cleaning it.
  • Price: Even though acrylic aquariums are getting popular by the day, they are more expensive in comparison to glass aquariums. This can put off many people from buying them.
  • Flammable: These aquariums can catch fire if they are exposed to a fire. Hence, lighting candles or keeping it near a fire source is a big no-no.
  • Turns Yellow: Many acrylic tanks tend to get a yellowish hue if they are exposed to ultraviolet lighting constantly. This can be a nuisance, as you need the UV lighting for the fish. Thankfully, modern aquariums now come with UV stabilizers, which can prevent this yellowing.
  • Support: Even though acrylic tanks are sturdy and strong, they tend to bow under water pressure. This means we had to also add a support stand to ensure the aquarium stays stable and does not bend. While this was great and looked rather chic and elegant in our office, the cleaning crew informed us the top bracing hindered their access into the tank.

After comparing the pros and cons of an acrylic aquarium, we decided the advantages were too good to ignore them. In fact, we found the tank practical. The cost was not a major issue for us since we got the shape and size that was perfect for our office. Hopefully, our clients and vendors would now be in a better frame of mind when they come to our office for meetings and discussions!

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