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Adding a dimension – What a new patio can do for your home

The patio is a lot more than just an architectural feature. It’s a lifestyle asset, a comfort zone, a home improvement, and a personal oasis when you need one. A patio can be installed anywhere around the home with relatively minimal design issues. It’s worth taking a look at the possibilities of a patio for your home.


Patio basics – The professional view

Australian patios have been a suburban lifestyle feature for years. The suburban patio is actually the conceptual descendant of the old colonial veranda style. The idea has always been to create a nice outdoor living space. At various times patios have been fashionable, but design professionals are now reassessing them as high value home extensions.

The fact of the matter is the patios are space creators in home designs. If you think about the possibilities of adding an extra 20 to 50 square meters to your home without the complexities of actual renovation, you can see why the professionals have been getting so interested in the subject. Patios are low-cost, low maintenance, value-adding assets with a lot of lifestyle benefits.

In professional property market terms, patios have a lot of real admirers:

  • Homeowners like them for their low cost and lifestyle benefits.
  • Designers like them for their looks and design flexibility.
  • Property sellers like them for their commercial potential to add value to a home for sale.
  • Property buyers like them for their space creation capabilities and their looks.

Great reasons for installing a patio

The reasons for installing a patio can vary quite a lot, but these are the common factors:

  • Patios are great space organizers. With almost no effort, a patio can provide space, which allows homeowners to de-clutter and reorganize their living space very effectively. That 50 square meters can be partially or fully enclosed, creating excellent space management options.
  • Patios add design and amenities to any home. The exterior of the home has a range of design options which are usually under-exploited. Barbecues, play areas and links to the garden through a pergola are just some of the normal options available.
  • Patios are very positive design options for new homes. Just about everybody will have experienced the “new home syndrome” where exterior features are undeveloped and lifestyle facilities are lacking. Swimming pools, gardens and other features are all unconnected, and the exterior of the home looks, and is, underdone.

Installing a patio – Quick, easy and effective

There’s nothing easier than installing a patio. All that’s required is a design concept to bring to life a great new home feature.

The process is very simple:

  1. Speak to a supplier’s in-house designer about your patio concept.
  2. The designer will carry out an on-site inspection.
  3. The designer will draw up a plan. This can be done very quickly using an existing house plan. 3-D CAD technology can even give you a series of visual perspectives.
  4. A quote and timeframe will be provided, and you can discuss design options and related possibilities like pergolas, sunroofs, et cetera.

It’s that simple. If you’re looking for added value for your home, more space, lifestyle amenities and a great look, a patio can do all that for you quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

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