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Advantages of Automatic Center Punch Tool to Traditional Ones

For most technicians, drilling a hole in the exact spot is very important. Being off, even by 1/6 of an inch, can pose a lot of problems. You definitely need to choose a tool that will do precisely what you want it to do.

Center punch tools’ primary function is to aid in drilling by making an impression on wood, metal, or plastic, as marks on area to be drilled and to help the drill to stay on its course. With the old center punch, you need to use a hammer, but newer models have spring tension mechanism that gives enough force necessary to make the indentation.

If you are using an older center punch, you have to mark the location with a pencil, and decide the size that you would like to use depending on the drill bit you are using. Place the point of the center punch onto the material and line it up with the pencil marks you have made, and then tap the punch sharply with a hammer.

With an automatic center punch tool like the Starrett 18A, aside from marking the location with a pencil, all you have to do is adjust the spring tension cap depending on the material and on how big the indentation you want to make. Place the point of the punch and apply downward pressure to make an indentation. A precision tool that any technicians or workers should have, and since it is heavy and well built, you can expect it to last a long time.

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