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Affordable Home Appliances that Uses Energy Too Much

In every household, there will always be one appliance that is used more than the rest. Hence, this device uses up much more energy than the others. It is true that our affordable home appliances from the Philippines are definitely some of the most essential things that we can possess, and without which we wouldn’t live as conveniently and effortlessly as we do now. Despite this, paying our electricity bills can be stressful because of the spike of our energy use every month.

Electricity Meter

You should know which of your precious appliances you use the most. If you can trace which of them causes more energy usage, you can at least find a way to reduce your use of this device to help with your bills. Another thing that you should know is which appliances impact your electricity bill the most:

Air Conditioners or Any Cooling Device

Since now, the summer breeze is much hotter than ever, the usage of air condition is definitely much higher. Even the use of electric fans is also increasing because of summer. Because of this, cooling devices are on top of the list of appliances that use too much energy. Approximately 15,000 watts are eaten up by central air conditioners – and this is per hour of usage!

To help save money, install programmable thermostat and set it back at least 10 degrees for eight hours a day. Doing so can save you 10% on your energy costs every year.


It is a known fact that refrigerators are big-time energy hogs because they use electricity all the time. Plenty of people plug in and turn on their fridge without break every day and this could cost a lot of money. If you want to save money, make sure that your refrigerator is set on the optimal temperature. Also, do not put too much things inside your fridge because this will force your appliance to produce more cooling energy in order to supply the demand of the items inside your refrigerator.

Light Bulbs

Individual incandescent light bulbs don’t use that much electricity but if you add up all the bulbs that you are using simultaneously, the costs can add up quick. If you often forget to switch of the lights in your home, this will definitely spike your electricity bill to greater heights. In order to save money, make sure to use energy-efficient bulbs or LEDs. They might be more expensive up front but when it comes to long-term costs, they actually save you more money. Also, don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re not using them.

Washing Machine

Major appliances account for about 13% of a home’s energy use. That being said one of the most major appliances that every almost every household have is a washing machine. When you run a load of clothes in the washer, aside from the water bill you’ll be paying, you also pay for the energy used by the machine to wash your clothes. Every load of laundry you wash and dry definitely costs a couple of bucks. To save money, try washing some of your clothes by hand. Don’t overload your machine with too much clothes because heavy duty equipment really eats up a ton of energy or electricity.

Living without the use of appliances is a dreadful event to imagine. However, it is equally horrible to pay large amounts of money for our electricity bill! To avoid this, you should find ways to strategically use your appliances. The appliances mentioned above consume high amounts of energy and now that you know more about them, it is your responsibility to manage your usage wisely and efficiently.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for FUKUDA: Affordable Kitchen Appliances Philippines.

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