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Affordable Redecorating: How To Recycle In Your Own Home

Recycling is not just a habit; it’s a frame of mind that looks for new ways to re-use materials that are already available, instead of buying or producing new ones. Recycling your furniture and accessories is a good way to re-decorate the rooms in your home inexpensively. You probably have a number of items in various rooms that can be re-packaged, or re-engineered for use in other areas of your home.

Affordable Redecorating

Window Treatments

Bed sheets can make attractive and functional window treatments for your room. Try coordinating prints and solids in layers to create an interesting effect for bedrooms and living rooms. Even simple lengths of unused cloth from sewing projects can be used to drape the tops of Venetian blinds and shades. Recycled wood and metal can also be used to make inventive window covering designs.


Many items commonly used in the home provide endless opportunities for recycling and decorating accessories. Baskets for food can be used as wall decorations in a number of rooms. Kitchen tools set in artistic arrangements can be used creatively throughout the house. Dinner plates can be set on shelves, on hangers, or in groupings on the walls as interesting as attractive artwork.


Fabrics can be recycled dozens of ways for redecorating. You can use fabric from bedspreads and curtains for upholstery material for chairs, for throw pillows, or for framed wall hangings. Fabrics can also be cut up and woven into interesting areas rugs, and wall designs. You can use recycled fabric to cover picture frames, mirror frames or even to decorate tissue boxes.


Recycling offers many ideas for inventive lighting fixtures. Almost anything that will allow running some wires through it, and a lampshade can be used for lighting. Toys, old appliances, sculptures and tools are just a few of the items that can be redesigned into innovative lighting fixtures. All you need is imagination and a few items from your local hardware or home improvement store.


With a little creativity, you can find uses for furniture you already have to redecorate other rooms. Chairs from an old dining table can be re-finished to work well in bathroom, bedroom, or sitting areas. If necessary, you can supplement the arrangement with pieces from a furniture rental company to create a new look for your home. You can rent armchairs, sectionals, or entertainment centers to give your home an entirely new look for the holidays or special occasions.

If you want a fast, easy, and cheap way to give your home a new look you don’t have to look too far. Just use a little creativity and some of  you existing items to redesign your space without buying a thing!

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