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Alternative Outdoor Surfacing Ideas If You Have Children

Depending on the use of your pergola or patio, you may have reasons for using different surfaces. Outdoor carpets that are durable, and can be cleaned with carpet steam cleaning techniques, are great if you have kids, for example. Do not limit yourself to plain bricks or concrete if you have a particular use. Here is a look at a variety of outdoor surface solutions.

Natural paver
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  • Natural Pavers. Natural pavers will be longer lasting than kiln-burnt items. It may sound strange, but they are actually ‘softer’ because they have been in the ground before they were produced. Sandstone pavers are an excellent example of long lasting pavers for all types of weather. They provide grip and are much softer for feet. An excellent option with children and their tender skin.
  • Outdoor Carpets. Outdoor carpets are very effective if you are looking for a surface that is soft and you need some grip. These types of carpets will withstand prolonged exposure to the elements and can be cleaned easily. You can find these carpets in a range of styles. Some even mimic grass very well. Different colors can also be used to show children where they should play, and where they should not.
  • Imitation Grass. This is very similar to outdoor carpets. However, it is specifically designed to imitate the look and feel of grass. They are also available in a range of colors and ‘blade’ thickness.
  • Rubber Mulch. You will see this in many children’s play areas. It is very inexpensive and produced from recycled rubber. This can only be used in specific areas, such as around swings and play equipment. It is very effective for stopping children hurting themselves after falls.
  • Anti-Slip Coatings. Concrete is not a very good surface if you have children. If you already have concrete and don’t want to rip it up, you should consider anti-slip coatings that will also provide some softness underfoot. These are applied in multiple layers depending on the amount of softness you wish to have.
  • Poured Rubber. Poured rubber is installed much like concrete except it is poured in two distinct layers. The first layer poured is the firmest. The second layer, which is softer, can be poured at varying levels of thickness. The second layer can also vary in color and have varying degrees of anti-slip properties.
  • Rubber Mats. Rubber mats are effective if you want a portable solution. Again you should choose mats that are large enough and lock together well. These mats should not slide around, or they will become more dangerous than the original floor surface.

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All children need a safe place to play. If your home is surrounded by hard bricks, kiln-fired pavers or plain concrete, you can expect to have children who will get hurt. Consider these options to make your home safer for everyone depending on your need and budget.

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  • Surfacing ideas are useful one if u have children

  • People do not realize what using natural stone such as sandstone tiles or sandstone pavers add to the ambiance of their home and less rough for children. They would rather go for the cheaper option of concrete pavers that add nothing.

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