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Annual Furnace Tune Up And Maintenance

An annual furnace tune up is suggested by HVAC providers to be of benefit to your system in so many ways. The main advantage to having your system inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the system. This in turn will create a unit that can warm the home adequately with proper energy efficiency so you spend less on home heating. Heating bills are constantly on the rise and most home owners want to be able to spend less but still be comfortable. The average cost to heat a home can be in the thousands and can be very difficult for home owners to pay. To reduce the heating cost of the home, it is essential to schedule regular maintenance service for your furnace system.


Furnace System Tune-up

After scheduling a furnace tune-up, you may be wondering what exactly will take place. A furnace is a mechanical system that must be maintained. A tune-up will see every aspect of your furnace reviewed to ensure each part is working properly and providing high energy efficiency as well as maximum operation. Below is a small guide as to what takes place during a furnace tune-up.


An experienced and knowledgeable technician will first look at your furnace. The unit should be clean of residue from combustion or black soot. The thermostat will be turned on to see if the unit cuts on and the flames in the burner will be inspected. The flames should be blue and steady so if yellow, orange or a flickering flame is present the technician will see what the issue may be.


The unit will also need to be cleaned to make sure that each component can do its job correctly without build-up of dirt or grime. The unit needs to be turned off and cooled down before the cleaning process can begin. The complete power should also be turned off from the unit for safety. Once the unit is cool, the sides of the system will be removed and a vacuum will be used to remove dust or debris from inside the unit. The blades of the blower fan and other areas will be cleaned by the technician, with oiling done if needed.


The blower fan is usually operated by a fan belt and electric motor so this area of the system will be checked for repair needs. Cracks can appear over time and the belt will need to be replaced if cracks are present to prevent any further issues. The tension of the belt is also checked to ensure proper operation.

Reassembling the Unit

The technician will then put the unit back together and replace the furnace panels to the side of the system. The power will be turned back on so the unit can be tested. The system should fire right up and be ready to provide warmth in the home.

Replacing Filters

The technician will also check the furnace filter to see if it needs to be replaced. The technician will replace if needed but this is something you can do on your own to provide proper maintenance to your furnace system. A fresh filter provides clean air in the home and allows the unit to continue functioning at high efficiency.

Contact your local HVAC providers to learn more about maintenance and tune-up services to see how you can prolong the life of your heating system. From furnaces to central units and heat pumps, top quality HVAC contractors provide services for all unit types so you can have a comfortable home during the winter months.


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