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Best Foods Which Make Your Skin Soft And Radiant

We all know that our facial skin is a reflection of our inner health, so if you struggle with pimples, acne, flaking skin or over dryness, you should start your treatment with proper nutrition.

Green Food - Best Foods Which Make Your Skin Soft And Radiant

#1 Green leafy plans

Green plants are full of cellulose and help a body to remove all toxins from an organism and cleanse it from the inside. The clean body always means a clean face, so add more kale, spinach, bok choy, turnip green and other leafy plants to your daily meals.

#2 Raw fruit

Full of natural moisture and cellulose as well, they will deeply nourish a body with all essential vitamins and moisture. Any fruit will provide you with a fast detoxification process, improve intestinal activity and bring you lots of energy. Just replace fast foods with a snack with a healthy raw fruit, and you’ll feel the difference!

#3 Raw seeds

These guys are full of vitamins E and A, which makes mane grow stronger and faster, and makes skin more supple and soft. Just add only a handful of any seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia or sesame seeds) in your diet and be sure that in 2-3 weeks, you feel and see the changes.

#4 Nuts

Almonds, cashews, walnuts, Brazil, pine and other nuts are a great source of natural fats, which will nourish a scalp, mane and skin from the inside, make it soft, supple, and luminous! Add nuts to salads, desserts, and other dishes to improve your health.

#5 Fresh juices and smoothies

We’ve already known that fruits and green leafy plants improve the intestinal activity and help to remove the toxins, but if you want to make this process faster – you should try to drink fresh juices and smoothies. Easily absorbed by bowels, they will clean a body in 30-40 minutes after you drink any fresh juice or smoothie. Smoothie or juice from any fruit will provide you with energy for all day better than strong coffee!

Start a proper treatment from a healthy nutrition! And don’t forget to keep in mind these provided by the top specialists at the Lanny barber shop foods, which can cleanse a face.

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