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BMW ActiveHybrid for Wise Car Buyers

Most car buyers today are wise enough to go for hybrid cars that provide the benefits of cost-savings and the same time helps the environment. This is the reason behind the proliferation of small and fuel-efficient hybrids in the market today.

BMW Active Hybrid 5

Even though hybrids cost more due to their high demand, it still pays to buy one for your next vehicle since its fuel efficiency is increased not only by its size but also with the use of lightweight materials. It also features periodic shut-offs wherein its engine starts to shut off when it is stopped in traffic, and automatically restarts when vehicle is put back in gear.

Since hybrids are powered by an efficient gasoline engine and backed by an electric motor for acceleration; it can result in degenerative braking where the electric motors will run backwards and act as a generator to charge the battery. Because of these features, hybrid cars can outperform most conventional cars.

Hybrid cars are also more eco-friendly than most conventional cars because they are less idle and use fuel more efficiently with 10 to 20 miles per gallon and reduced 90% harmful emissions. They also use aerodynamic design to reduce drag with the use of low-rolling tires made from special resistant rubber to reduce friction on the road.

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They also use high-capacity nickel-metal-hydride battery pack and the latest power-train technology. The BMW ActiveHybrid car is the best choice as this looks like your ordinary sedan but with innovative safety and unequalled driving comfort.

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