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Build Your Own Wardrobe

One of the most straightforward and pleasing DIY jobs for the novice is to create more storage space at home by building built-in cupboards or wardrobes. Most homes can benefit from a bit more efficient space for hiding things away, and bedrooms in particular are ideal for this kind of project.

Once you have built the basic frame into floor, walls and ceiling to attach the door fronts to you will really start to see the wardrobe take shape. There are many options available on the market for ready-made doors which can be anything from glass, mirrored, wood or metal. The economical options are recycled doors or MDF which can actually be beneficial for the amateur as it is often easier to cut and deal with than natural wood which can flex and expand.

The best bit, however, is deciding what the interior space is going to look like. You can hide anything away from a television, to a complete mini office and I have even seen a washbasin and vanity unit behind a wardrobe door! For many people the hanging space for clothes is important, plus drawers and shelves to tidy away smaller items and accessories. Shoe racks are very useful too, keep everything in pairs from your men’s sports sandals to your best ‘going out’ high heels and have everything to hand when you need it. A good range of fitted units in your bedroom will make all the difference to the look and feel of the room and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Doing the work yourself will mean that the project will cost less than paying a professional, and you will also have all the job satisfaction too. What are you waiting for? Get out those power tools and give it a try!

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