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Children Helping Save Energy

There are some children who like to do things around the house to help their parents as much as possible. One of the ways that children can help is to conserve energy. There are some fun and easy ways to teach children how to save energy so that they are doing something good for the environment as well. Parents can look to environmentally conscious companies like Sentry Energy for ideas that will help with this.

Kid save energy

First, you need to teach your kids about the importance of saving energy. If they don’t understand why they need to do it, then they won’t bother with any of the ways that you show them. This can be done by showing them pictures of how the Earth looks and will look if people don’t conserve or by watching videos that are related to conserving. While children can do some things around the house on their own, there are things that you can do in the home to demonstrate good choices. Turn the thermostat to a lower temperature so that the heating and air unit doesn’t run all of the time. Tell your children not to change the temperature, and suggest ways of staying warm or cooling off without using electricity. If you have a fireplace, then consider lighting a fire so that the home will stay warm without using as much power. Use ceiling fans in the spring and summer, and make sure children know to wear warm clothes in the winter.

When children brush their teeth, they shouldn’t leave the water running. They should only use the water when they need to rinse the toothbrush or when they are cleaning the sink. Children can take showers instead of baths every night in order to save water. Don’t wash clothes every day. Let children have a small basket in their room so that they can keep their dirty clothes for a few days before doing a load of laundry. Avoid doing small loads of laundry just because someone needs something to wear. Set a day during the week for certain chores. You can make a schedule for children to follow so that they know when the floors will be vacuumed and when the laundry will be done so that they can plan ahead. The dishwasher should only be used when it is full. Inform children about turning off lights when they leave a room. If they don’t turn off the lights, then consider installing a bulb with a lower wattage or removing the bulb until they do start turning off lights. This can also be a helpful tip when children aren’t using the computer or television.

Set a limit as to how long the refrigerator door can be open. Your children can make a list of items in the refrigerator instead of going back and forth opening the door. You can also make a list of snacks that are available and place it on the door of the refrigerator. Help your children plant a tree or two in the year so that they will know of the importance of ways to stay cool in the summer and how trees help in the oxygen cycle.

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