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Commercial Carpets – Picking the Green Option

The floor is the largest inhabited area any residential or commercial building, usually covered by commercial carpet. That can be a problem, if you’ve got old style carpet. These older carpets are relics of the days when carpets were all based on synthetic, petrol based fibres. They’re about as un-green as any product has ever been, and can also be unhygienic, after a while. They’re old technology, obsolete by modern standards.

Commercial Carpet
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If you’re looking for a real green alternative, you’ll be pleased to hear that the new carpets are not only much greener, they’re also much better carpets. Modern science has finally invented a type of carpet which can actually match the dependable old Persian rugs for green credentials. Manufacturing technology, design and production have come a long way, and you can now actually track the entire life cycle of new designer carpets.

The green carpets are now recyclable, unlike the old style carpets, which produced enormous amounts of waste and if burned produce large amounts of carbon. Even water usage savings are now tracked by manufacturers, another huge improvement on the wasteful practices of the past. Manufacturing industries use most of the world’s water, so this has been a true design breakthrough as a concept. Some carpet companies have estimated their water savings in hundreds of millions of dollars over a decade.

The new carpets are true designer carpets, including modular carpet tiles, anti bacterial carpets and the very heavy duty public space carpeting you’ve probably seen in airports. These carpets are getting a lot of interest from commercial property owners and managers, because of their reliability, easy maintenance and tough durability. Some of these carpets look like broadloom, but they’re actually tiles, using glues to create the impression of seamless joins.

These are also true designer carpets. If you’re looking for a domestic or commercial carpet, there are almost no limits to the design possibilities. There’s even special viewing technology to check out the carpets as they’ll look when laid in a range of environments. That takes a lot of the hard work out of selection.

Interestingly, professional interior decorators are among the major patrons of the green carpet selections. They’ve found that the combination of good materials and a complete design viewing system makes things much easier to explain to clients, and much easier to work with for design purposes. If you’re renovating, this system is a very good option, and there are a lot of design possibilities.

Interior Carpet
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Another concept taking the design world in its wake is “Biomimicry”. This is the use of natural themes, shapes and designs in products. In carpets, it’s become a major design statement, producing a wide range of blends of designs and fabric usage to create a strong, vibrant, environment.

The new carpet tiles have their own individual backing, so replacement is extremely easy, and much cheaper. This also reduces the amount of waste and emissions involved in the replacement process, as well as turning a major job into a few minutes work.

A new green carpet may not only solve your own environmental issues, but help the world.

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