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Conventional tips to host a Wonderful Garden Party

Garden party is definitely a wonderful idea to have a friendly sitting with your lovely friends and family. But we can say that garden parties are usually seasonal because we cannot arrange them at every season especially in freezing season. Mostly temperate seasons are best for these parties. Climate is neither so cold nor hot. Spring season is best to conduct these kinds of parties when gardens are fully loaded with beautiful flowers and green foliage leaves which attract everyone towards their awesome beauty. It isn’t necessary that you must have garden to host that parties but you must have a wide outdoor space for creating fresh and lovely outdoor party. I was thinking to host my birthday party in a garden which definitely looks unique and idealistic.

Garden Party

Confuse about the selection of an idyllic Location?

I have generally observed that people get confuse about the selection of peaceful and idyllic location. This is quite daunting because sometimes you don’t have enough space and picturesque views so you have to maintain that views by spending loads of money. You can hire a small outdoor place if you are suffering from that problem. But thank God I was having enough space for such activities. The garden was full of lush green beauty and I was thinking to arrange a seating style in front of small mountains facing a small beach. The area must not be overcrowded so that guests could not mingle with each other.

Warm Welcome of your Guests:

When you are arranging an outdoor party then there is daunting task to arrange a small welcome for your guest due to lack of proper area for that. But I created a small outdoor place and settled red carpets over that. For wall enhancement I thought to create a warm welcome image and then I decided to put the image on canvas art prints having a glorious welcome written over it. That was a beautiful idea to make the place extra ordinary and inviting for guests. That was quite impressive.

Plan a small Garden Canopy and Pergola for Shade:

Some people do not enjoy sunny environment as they prefer to sit under some kind of shade. For these people, I planned to create small canopies in my garden. After that i installed a beautiful small swing under the canopy which was looking unique. People can enjoy the swing and shade both. On the other side, I created a wooden pergola and placed chairs and tables under it.

Lightening Fixtures to illuminate the garden:

Lightening fixtures are my favorite items to adorn. Actually they have ability to illuminate the area wonderfully from all the four sides and due to these lightening’s, party’s charm get double. The party was planned at evening time, so I arranged some lanterns and extra torches. But for decoration, I installed string lights along the trees and LED lights above the canopies. For further enhancement, I added colorful candles along the small beach side. That was looking awesome and dreamful. Outdoor path should also look bright that’s why I added some key lights.

House Garden

Crazy and Festive touch to your garden party:

While hosting a garden party, people do not concentrate over the decorations because they think there is no proper place for it. But I wanted to add some festive touch that’s why I thought to add little more adornment. I created some floral arrangement over the canopies and decorated rose vases on every table. For backyard walls, I thought to beautify the photos but there were no reliable services for that, then my friend told me to order photographic prints by using image-printers. That was a perfect decision at perfect time. Then I adorned my walls with these canvas photos which were perfectly wrapped and in quite glossier form.

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