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Debunking Solar Panel Myths

Solar energy in the Philippines is emerging in a powerful way – and for good reason. The green initiative is a movement wherein institutions and individuals encourage people to help save the world by relying on the free-flowing green energy that is ever present on Earth. Green energy may be farmed from water, wind and more popularly nowadays, the Sun.


What makes solar energy great is that it is cheap, has a high return with regards to savings and energy efficiency. Truth be told, solar energy sounds too good to be true, but is it? Absolutely. There are a lot of myths circulating the utilization of solar energy, however, these are totally understandable because solar energy’s widespread use has only began so naturally, people in general have little to no awareness except for the essentials. 

Here are some of the myths that surround Solar panels.

  1. Solar panels fail to work under cold conditions – False. The Sun provides light called “Ultraviolet light” and in general, this is what makes it run as a whole and regardless of the temperature, the sun will continue to provide this resource as the panels soak them in.
  2. Solar panels are expensive –Because of the many payment plans available today, solar panels are cheaper than ever and the savings that they produce more than makes up for the costs – even in the long run.
  3. Solar panels require constant maintenance –Generally speaking, solar panels require little to no maintenance at all. Warranties are even provided for up to 2 decades!
  4. Solar panels take up a lot of space –While solar panels do take up space (so does every little thing that are classified as “matter” by the way) they are in actuality very compact and some even have a sleek design that compliments the homes or establishments that they are installed in. Truth be told, solar panels actually increase a property’s value in the market because of their attractiveness both in utility and aesthetics!
  5. Solar panels often break due to harsh weather conditions – Unless “harsh” weather conditions are apocalyptical in nature, then the solar panels will not easily break as they are designed to withstand the elements while providing the best quality of service that they can. Also, see myth number 3.
  6. Solar panels are inconsistent – The sun itself is a limitless source of energy and solar panels, as stated in myth number 5 are designed to work even in harsh conditions. Solar panels are not subject to power outages and they have no moving parts.
  7. Solar panels do not work unless the place has an open roof exposure – Not necessarily true. While solar panels are traditionally installed on roofs, they are proven to work even when mounted on the ground and this is in fact an option offered by most solar energy companies.
  8. Solar panels will not give me the benefit of my investment – False. The savings start the very first day a customer has their solar panels installed and will continue for so long as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy in the world and not only does it offer a ton of savings, solar energy also offers a lot of benefits to one’s financial concerns as well as having the ability to help the environment.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for SOLENERGY: Solar Energy Philippines.

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