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DIY Landscapes for Your Home

Hiring someone to do the landscaping for your garden can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget and have an eye for beauty, then you can definitely do the design of your garden yourself. If you want to avoid expensive changes after installing your landscape, the most logical thing to do is to put your design in paper. You will see how things will flow together, and what works best and what not.


You must make a list of the things you want in your garden and how you will use them, so you will not forget them. Items such as flowerbeds, cuttings or vegetable gardens, shade trees, patios, sports courts, paths or walkways, sheds, water features, fences, arbor and a whole lot more should be part of that list. Sketch all the areas you want and you may want to link them with lawns, pathways, walkways, etc., then design them like artistically curving paths to make them more picturesque.

Plan on hardscape features first since they are the most permanent features, and these include buildings, patios, pergolas, bridges, and ponds. Do not leave out the drainage, the utility areas, power supplies, irrigation and other critical systems since they are needed in the foundation of your design. Follow on with the trees and the largest planted areas like lawns and continue on to the smallest details like garden decors. While there many books and magazines, which can teach you how to build your own garden, you can find lots of ideas at America’s Most Desperate Landscape website. This website can help you with home improvements ideas that are both practical and easy to do.

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  • Great article. We approached the landscaping of our garden in the same way: with the biggest aspects being planned first. We learned a lot in DIYing landscapes thanks to the multiple mistakes we met along the way, but we saved a lot of money and we kept the carbon footprint low. We hardly used any machinery, opting to do most everything by hand. I’m not gloating, only encouraging people to go the DIY route. Not only will you save big bucks, you also learn how to maintain your property. Large points in the long run. Oh, and we’re not too technically versed so we had to learn a lot of things. The internet is great since the information is there. Cheers!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

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