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Does your car say as much about you as your home?

Your home says a lot about exactly who you are – whether you want it to or not.

So if you’re an out and out home-making “nester” of a person, with a family and a cared for and loved environment – or a single man minimalist with a chair and a large screen TV on the wall and little else – your home still tells the rest of the world a great deal about who you really are, what stage and status your life is at – and what really motivates you.

Electric car

But does your car say as much about you as your home? Probably not is the short answer – and most of us wouldn’t really want it to – except in certain situations. A lot of this comes with the shallowness and immaturity of youth, perhaps. But you can’t really blame young people, it’s natural to be influenced by status and fashion and the like – and their cars are very often the single main single status symbol.

But as we get a little older, one would hope that we’ve attained a little more knowledge about what’s really important in life. And it can be very disappointing (and perhaps a little amusing!) when this isn’t the case. But even then, the fact that the rest of us don’t care too much about what we drive or how it looks, still says a little about who we are.

And if we live in a green environmentally friendly way at home – then doesn’t it also make sense to try and drive with the same credentials in eco cars?

Is there really anything wrong with “advertising” our green lifestyles via what we drive, if it’s sending out such positive environmental messages?

And it doesn’t have to be showy. The Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are two good examples of mainstream, “quiet” family cars that also happen to be green hybrid models. And if you’re driving a car like this, then surely it’s a good thing if your car does say as much about you as your home?

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