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Eco-friendly bags and fashion – are they fashionable?

These days, with more and more reports of global warming, natural disasters and changing weather patterns, many industries are jumping on the eco-friendly band wagon in a bid to reduce their carbon foot print. With major transport providers, big companies and even supermarket chains publicising the benefits of environmentally friendly practices, it was only a matter of time before fashion jumped on board.

Green Bag

Why green bags?
In the mid nineties, governments in several developed countless recognised the impact of plastic shopping bags on the environment and implemented regulations  such as huger taxes, in an attempt to start stamping out the massive amount of waste they generated. With the introduction of higher costs, shopping outlets were made more aware of the impact of their business on the environment and slowly began to offer an alternative — reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags.

Fashion and the environment — how did they get together?
With the early 2000’s becoming a fashionable time to take up a cause in the celebrity world, we saw stars start raising publicity for causes such as domestic violence and animal abuse. In the mid-2000s — largely as a result of celebrities the likes of Lindsay Logan adopting the eco-bag, and being snapped in major fashion magazines sporting one — the bags became a fashionable way to help our environment, as well as a fashionable accessory. While photos of celebrities sporting this look are now much more rare, the legacy survives, and eco-bags have become a fashionable addition to the handbag for those needing extra bags or storage when shopping, going to work, or socialising.

What’s on offer?
One of the main reasons eco-bags have remained fashionable — other than the ease of access, as they are often used as promotional bags for clothing stores — is their versatility and range of design. Like handbags, eco-friendly bags are available in a variety of sizes and colours, with different length and width handles, unique designs, interesting messages and a range of looks. Their variety alone has enabled them to remain a fashionable staple!

Fashion and charity
In addition to their varied design, the legacy of charity support also lives on in the bags. As well as promoting clothing and other outlets, many stores and suppliers also encourage shoppers to purchase a bag for a small amount, with part of this cost being donated to a particular charity supported by the outlet.

So…are they fashionable?
If fashion to you, is about options and variety, looking good and being as practical as possible, and you enjoy the added benefit of knowing you are supporting the environment and possibly a charity, eco-bags are fashionable now and will continue to be in the future! Like the little black dress, an eco-bag is a must have!

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