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Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips

Most of the people who love gardening  will definitely love to take care of their lawns and garden. But some lazy people do not understand the importance of the land. Manitining the lawn properly saves time and money. The green or the eco-friendly ways will protect the garden from hazardous chemicals.You can protect your plant with the following gardening tips.


1: Water Efficiently
You should water the plants strategically. The best time wo water the plants are between 5-10 am. Watering in the afternoon is not at all advisable as the water is lost due to evaporation and can water the plants in the evening between 6-8pm.

 2: Install an Irrigation System
Installation of a sprinkler or an irrigation system is one of ways to water the area. This will avoid over watering and  will water your plants sufficiently.

3: Go Organic
You should not use fertilizers and pesticides as they are rich in chemicals. This will reduce the quality of plants and kill the natural weeds. Organic composts are sued as a substitute.

 4: Conservatory
It is a greenhouse where you can plant trees of your own choice. The advantage of this that you can protect the pants from animals and natural phenomena. Apart from this as control of temperature is in your hands , you can grow any plant at any point in time.


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