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Eco-friendly heating sources

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by tkw954

For anyone concerned with global warming and green issues, it is important to look at how you can make small changes in the home. None of us can change the whole world on our own, but we can make little changes in our everyday lives to be that little bit greener and a bit more environmentally-friendly.

One of the first things you can do if you are looking at making your home a more environmentally friendly place is to consider eco-friendly heating sources.

Eco-friendly heating sources are those which do not let off as much harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, such as wood fires. Using a wood fire will use less energy than electric or gas fires, and therefore is much more environmentally friendly.

Buying firewood to use as fuel means that more trees will be planted and grown for this purpose, which will increase the amount of oxygen given out and reduce the harmful gases used by other heating methods which harm our environment. And of course, wood fires mean much lower energy bills.

Of course, not all homes are suitable for wood fires, so there may be other ways to conserve energy within the house. We’re not suggesting that you start sharing single beds to keep warm at night, but there are ways to keep cosy while you sleep without having the heating on or using electric blankets.

Investing in a decent mattress from, and making sure you have high quality bed covers will keep you warm at night and mean you don’t have to waste energy on heating the house overnight or with electric blankets. And you will save money as well. So, by making a few small changes to your home, you can feel happy that you both helping the environment and helping your wallet!

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