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Eco-Friendly Tips for your Outdoor Wedding

Today’s couples are more environmentally conscious and wish to incorporate Mother Earth into their wedding day. So much is done to improve the environment that you want to include this mode of thinking into your wedding plans. From recycled and emailed invitations to foods grown in your own community, you’ll find an assortment of ideas for hosting an eco-friendly outdoor wedding

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Electronic invitations are the most eco-friendly method of getting the word out to your friends, family and co-workers. However, not everyone is technologically savvy, and you may have to use traditional methods to those without a computer. You can do this with a simple invitation displayed on recycled materials using soy-based inks.


Looking around for the perfect rings that signify your love and commitment for one another can be time consuming. It can also waste precious resources and pollute the air by going from shop to shop. You can save time and energy by shopping for your rings online. An online jewelry establishment has a vast array of items to choose from, from commitment rings to wedding band sets, and you won’t have to pay top dollar for your purchases. You can also have the online establishment make rings out of old and broken jewelry that has been sitting around your jewelry box collecting dust.


Wedding venues are typically housed in a restaurant or banquet hall facility. There are a number of places that you can hold both your wedding ceremony and reception that can make your guests more environmentally conscious. A park, beach or forest preserve setting is focused on natural surroundings, and it’s the ideal backdrop for your wedding.

During the day, the sun can be your main source of lighting, and you don’t have to worry about using precious resources such as air-conditioning. You can enlist the help of Mother Nature and incorporate her in the wedding reception with pine cones or seashells holding the name cards. Instead of big flowered bouquets as the centerpiece, you can place small trees in a biodegradable cup and have your guests bring them home to plant. When it’s time to light up the area, you can use candles made out of beeswax or soy. They don’t have harmful chemicals that can be released in the air like paraffin wax does.

Food and Cake

The wedding cake is an intricate part of your wedding, and you can either make it yourself using organic products or you can enlist the help of an organic baker. You can use seasonal ingredients such as fresh berries, mint and flowers to decorate it. Meal planning can be just as environmentally conscious when you use products that are made and grown locally. Summer can host a bountiful feast of fresh vegetables, salads and more. To avoid wasting energy and gas, choose a menu that is simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and elegance to be kind to the environment. With a little creativity, and your love for saving the planet, you can host the perfect eco-friendly outdoor wedding that is filled with ever-lasting memories.

Environmental supporter, Lisa Coleman shares tips on ways to plan for a beautiful and eco-friendly wedding, and encourages shopping online for convenience and to save on the environment. She recently viewed online at SuperJeweler (dot) com a wide variety of beautiful commitment rings and wedding bands available for purchase, all at affordable rates.

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