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Eco Home Décor Details And Ideas

In the majority of cases, when you are reading about green home design ideas, you are reading about the ways in which you can save electricity, use green building materials and being smart about using water and power. This article is about something else. It is about the most beautiful home décor ideas which will also be green all the way. With the way things are today, we simply must go as green as possible.

Table set

  1. Bring the plant life into your home

The outdoors is a great source of all kinds of decoration elements that will fit great in all kinds of spaces. For example, you can use dead branches and stack them against the wall. Make sure that they are roughly of the same size and that they form a nice pattern against the wall. This is so much greener than purchasing plastic wallpapers or decals that are some of the worst things for the environment. You can also collect pebbles and shells and use them for table decorations.

  1. Reuse old construction elements

Everyone has a bunch of stuff lying around in the garden or the garage or the basement. For example, if you have done any remodeling or construction work, you probably have some concrete blocks that you can use to plant herbs or flowers in. You just need to put a bit of paint on them and before you know it, you are using the stuff you meant to throw away anyway. Once again, you are doing it instead of buying plastic vases. They do not even have to be categorized as green building materials. The mere fact that you are recycling them will be positive enough.

  1. Using dead wood for furniture

The potential uses of dead wood for furniture are many and they can produce incredible results that will look great in any home. For instance, you can use old tree trunks, cut and shape them into little stools or even tables. You can also use larger dead branches and use them as shelves. Of course, you need to take care not to load them too much; mostly using them for decorative elements.

Eco Lamps

  1. Using old bottles for decoration

Old glass bottles can be repurposed very easily, using a sander and a cutter of some kind. You can, for example, take an old wine bottle and cut it a few inches from the top. Then, you simply flip it over, put a base on it and use it as a candlestick. By experimenting with the size of the repurposed bottles, you can use them as vases as well.

  1. Chandeliers made from recycled objects

Chandeliers can be made from all kinds of old objects that you might have lying around your home. For instance, you can hollow out old bottle corks and install small LED lights in them, combine them in an exciting and rural-style chandelier. You can also repurpose old common cans and turn them into large, ornate chandeliers.

  1. Always buy eco

Finally, when you decide to buy some new details for your home, try and make sure that they are green and made from eco materials. You can easily find gorgeous eco rugs that will be totally green (not in color), as well as furniture made from recycled or salvaged wood. Try and avoid buying plastic furniture, or other details and elements made from materials that are particularly bad for the environment.

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