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Effective Floor Insulation

Getting sick and tired of annoying cold floors all the time? The thermostat and your energy bills go up, while the temperature remains the same. This is one of the most common problems concerning every home. Did you know that about 15% of heat escapes through our poorly or non-insulated floors? So, all you have to do is to insulate your floor properly. Consider this as a long-run investment for it will save both your health and tons of money! Here are a couple of vital tips on how to add floor insulation.

Mind building

Mind building regulations

Before you start adding floor insulation to your home, you need to get informed about your local building regulations. Sometimes, building regulations are very flexible, while in some other cases, they can prevent us from realizing our plans or limit us to the particular manner of reconstruction. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to do gather all information before you buy materials needed for you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you might not be using.

Check your floor type

What’s most amazing about this entire endeavor is that you need to insulate your ground floors only for they’re usually pretty cold. On the other hand, the floors of the upstairs rooms don’t have to be insulated since they will receive the heat from the space underneath. So, the first thing you should do is to check the floor type. The ground floors are usually made of suspended timber or solid concrete. Older homes usually have timber floors, while newer ones are made out of concrete.

How to add insulation?

Adding insulation to your floors isn’t that simple at all. It’s a quite complex endeavor, consisting of a lot of measurements, lifting the floorboards, replacing damaged boards, as well as fitting the insulation perfectly. So, if you don’t feel overly enthusiastic or confident to embark on this endeavor on your own, you can always ask for professional help. On the other hand, as the DIY projects have gained an immense popularity, you can always find numerous straightforward and detailed tutorials on how to insulate your floors with ease. The choice is up to you!


Insulation of suspended floors

Suspended floors consist of wide boards that are situated over the joists and are prone to losing more heat. If you have a basement or a cellar, you’re really lucky for you could insulate your floors from the underneath without any major problems and complications. Here, you’re adding the insulation to the void that is below the floorboards. If the floor isn’t accessible from below, you need to lay the insulation to the top, between the joists, which means that you need to empty the room completely before the sole insulation. Proper insulation also requires proper ventilation, without which your floorboards will rot, thus you shouldn’t block underfloor airbricks.

Insulation of solid floors

Solid floors, in general, might be colder, but they don’t lose so much heat. The simplest way of insulating such floors is laying an additional insulation to the very top. The only problem you might encounter is the fact that the level of the floor will be raised, thus you might need to trim the door and to replace some electrical sockets.

Other solutions

One of the simplest solutions is insulating your floors with the rugs. They are of the vital importance when it comes to the upper floors of your home. Since there is no insulation laid, they will serve as a cozy and warm solution for your tired feet all the time. As for the ground floors, rugs will provide you with an additional insulation and comfort. After all, you can buy rugs online that will spruce up your living area and make your home more pleasant and hospitable.

All in all, insulating floors isn’t that difficult at all. All you have to do is to get informed about the bunch of stuff, search for effective tutorials done by professionals (or ask for professional help) and you can embark on your new endeavor. If you consider this entire project overly expensive for your budget, you’re terribly wrong! This is a priceless move that will protect your health and help you cut your energy bills in half. Believe us, this long-run investment will completely change your life!

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