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Energy Saving Tips for your Business

In a time when energy prices are rising, running a business is becoming more expensive.  Energy derived from fossil fuels contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions.  The need for efficient energy consumption has become an unavoidable concern.  There are many ways that your business can make changes that will result in lower energy bills.  Here are some tips to show you how to cut energy costs as well as benefiting the environment.

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Install timers that will switch off lights when there use is unnecessary. Unless your business is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a timer could help reduce costs during “down-time”.  Installing a timer on your air and heating systems can allow the temperature to be set higher or lower (depending on the season) so it’s not working unnecessarily outside of business hours. 

LED Lighting

In an effort to use the most cost effective and energy saving products for your business, installing LED lighting in all fixtures will be beneficial.  The initial cost of purchasing and installing LED bulbs is higher than that of traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but LED bulbs are more energy efficient and have a longer life, resulting in savings on energy costs for your business.

Solar Lights

Switching lights located outside your business such as landscaping or parking lot lights to solar would alleviate the need to use power at all and would ensure that when it’s dark, the lights will always come on.  This would ensure the safety of your employees by knowing the lights will be on and will save money on energy costs for your company.

Unplug it 

Unplug appliances when not in use.  Energy used in stand-by mode accounts for unnecessary utility spending.


Performing regular maintenance on appliances can improve their efficiency while prolonging their life at the same time.   Air conditioning and heating systems should be inspected by a qualified electrician regularly to ensure proper function.  Something as simple as changing the air filters in these systems can greatly improve efficiency.  Other appliances in break areas could benefit from regular inspections and maintenance too.


Using laptop computers rather than desktops will help your business save on energy consumption while reducing greenhouse gases.

Turn it off!

Turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use including bathrooms, kitchens, and unoccupied offices.  We do this at home…our office should be no different!

Natural Sunlight

Leave the light off in rooms that are filled with natural sunlight.  There’s no need to use energy when the sun can light your office for you!


Every business can make changes to reduce their energy bills and benefit the environment by taking steps to reduce energy consumption.


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