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Environmentally Friendly Choice With Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Regenerative thermal oxidizers, or simply RTOs, are simply, in layman’s terms, specialized pollution control devices. Oxidizers work by trapping pollutants and destroying them through burning. The burning process generates heat, which is then recycled for other uses. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are used in many different industries, and are a preferable choice for cutting down on pollution since the heat-producing combustion can then create energy for other uses, such as heating air or water, or powering other devices.

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In most instances, a regenerative thermal oxidizer is used in conjunction with industrial processes that generate steam. Toxins are released with the steam, and without the inlet that would draw the steam through a regenerative thermal oxidizer, that toxin-filled steam would simply be let loose into the environment. But with the use of a thermal oxidizer, the inlet draws the steam into the machine, where the exhaust is heated up in special ceramic beds. From there, the heated gas goes into a combustion chamber, where it is burned in order to break down and destroy toxin. The remaining gases are much hotter than before, and are routed back out to the ceramic beds, where the heat in the gases transfers to the ceramic beds, leaving the gas cool enough to be handled for other purposes. During this process, which is often referred to as a recovery process, the recovered heat sometimes produces a water-based vapor, and both of these power sources can be used for heating or powering other products.

A thermal-based regenerative oxidizer is a smart, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for many industries. If you are considering one for your machine-based operations, consider getting in touch with Their thermal regenerative oxidizing equipment is designed to be low-maintenance and efficient, and to work in just about any industry. The Ohio-based company can set you up with custom regenerative thermal oxidizer equipment that’ll work perfectly for your industry, and meet and exceed your needs. Regenerative thermal oxidizers from can work with both single and multiple emission sources, and help your company do its best to cut down on the pollutants you release into the atmosphere.

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