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Finding an Effective Pest Control Specialist

Perhaps you’ve awoken to find a bed bug infestation, or have seen one too many cockroaches around your kitchen. It’s time for you to find an exterminator. Locating the best pest control specialist in your area is crucial to finding a lasting end to your pest problem. While it may be tempting to run a quick search and hire the first exterminator you find, taking time to carefully research the most effective exterminator is crucial. It will ensure that you receive a high level of service that will bring a lasting bug-free environment. How do you begin finding an effective exterminator?

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Obtain a List of Exterminators
Begin your search by obtaining a list of local pest control specialists. This can be done easily with your preferred search engine. For example, if you live in Toronto, run a search for ‘pest control’ along with your zip code to receive a complete list of Toronto pest control specialists. Make a list of exterminators that are within your area, including their website, phone number and location.

Alternatively, you can ask trusted friends and family for recommendations. Consider if any one you know has had an issue with pests and if they were able to find a solution. Ask if they used an exterminator. If so, were they pleased with them? Make a list of both the well reviewed and less than desirable exterminators.

Evaluate Your List
Now that you have a list of local exterminators, you can begin the evaluation process. Find the answers to the below questions either by investigating the company’s website or simply calling and asking them.

  • Are they licensed and insured?
    This is the most important aspect to investigate. Ensure that any prospective exterminator is licensed in accordance with all government regulations. Additionally, an ideal exterminator will be insured against any damage to your property.
  • Are they trained professionals?
    Pest control is a precise and technical profession. They must be trained in which types of pests require which extermination methods. There have been great advances in environmentally friendly methods of pest control and other new pest removal techniques that require specialized training.
  • What pesticides and removal techniques are employed?
    While you may not know each chemical compound that may be used, you should know the benefits and hazards that accompany them. An ideal pest control specialist will understand the pros and cons of each method of pest removal. They should also be aware of which treatments to use around pets and small children.
  • Will they return if the pests do?
    Understand any guarantees or policies they have in regards to additional pests after the initial treatment. Some companies will offer a certain time frame in which they will return. Others will have regular appointments to apply additional treatments.
  • Are they affordable?
    An ideal exterminator will be well within your budget. Ensure that you can afford their services and they charge a reasonable price.

Are They Ideal?
Take as much time as required to thoroughly investigate any prospective exterminators. Ask the above questions, and any other questions that come to mind, before settling on an exterminator. This will help ensure that you find the most effective pest control specialist in your area.

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