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Five Hazards You Don’t Realize Exist In Your Yard

The more time that families spend outside in their yard, the increased danger that hidden hazards can cause accidents or injury. Here are five hazards you don’t realize exist in your yard.

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BBQ Grills, Fire Pits and Fireplaces
Any place in the backyard where a controlled fire can be created, such as a charcoal grill, fire pit or patio fireplace, is also a place where a fire can get out of control. Any place that is used for outdoor cooking is also a place where there is the danger of someone getting burned. Be certain to operate equipment using open flames only when a sober adult is present. Do not allow children or pets to play around areas where there is open flame. Never store grills in the garage or storage shed until they are completely cool.

Playground Equipment
Playground equipment in the yard can provide hours of fun but also poses hidden hazards. Use rubber mulch underneath all swing and slide sets to prevent children from injuring themselves after a fall. Make sure that all hardware is securely fastened and that there are no sharp metal edges where skin can get cut.

Dry Shrubbery and Dead Trees
Trees that have dried and dead limbs and bushes that are dry pose several hazardous dangers in the yard. Not only can they create a severe fire hazard, dangling tree limbs that overhang areas where children play or the family congregates can suddenly fall and cause injury or even death. Consider hiring a reliable tree service Los Angeles has to offer to remove all dead or dying shrubbery and trees to eliminate any potential fuel for fire.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
Like playground equipment, swimming pools and hot tubs are designed for fun and relaxation but can quickly turn into a safety hazard if left uncovered for easy access to small children, pets and trespassers. Adequate fencing should be installed around any area containing deep, open water and covers should be used when not in use.

Rubbish Piles

Piles of junk left in a yard are not only unattractive, they can become breeding grounds for insects and vermin, create pools of water that attract mosquitos, and can often spontaneously combust to create a fire hazard. Piles with sharp edges sticking out from them can cause serious bodily harm. Make a commitment to remove piles of rubbish for placement in the proper trash containers and don’t allow them to grow into a safety and health hazard.

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